BWR Break Wrenches

Increased efficiency and productivity


The torque wrenches in our BWR series are primarily used in professional industrial environments. The possibility of over-tightening is significantly reduced compared to a click wrench due to the breaking-angle of the unique BWR mechanism. The BWR wrenches are very well-suited for use in assembly lines as well as for repair and maintenance. You can profit from a wide range of end fittings which are quickly changed. The relaunched models BWR-20D up to BWR-440D offer a standard square drive providing the use of a wide range of end fittings common to click wrenches.


  • High process reliability
  • Suitable for several applications
  • Savings with commonality of end fittings
  • Superior quality
  • Flexibility


  • Extremely high durability and high repeatability
  • Wide range of wrenches
  • Robust construction
  • Easy and safe adjusting
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