Controller Focus 60/61

Traceability inside manual tools

In combination with the Controller Focus 60/61 the MWR mechatronic system offers controlled tightening possibilities and complete monitoring of torque and angle. The Focus controller manages the process and collects data reporting all results in real time for full traceability, while managers can monitor everything via ToolsNet or to customer software. An optional stacklight connected to the Focus controller signals the status or any error of the tightening and Digital I/O.


  • Easy to integrate, use, service and upgrade
  • Reliable, always up-to-date programming strategies
  • Safe data backup
  • Error proofing
  • Suitable to customer’s needs


  • Back up and configuration in SD cards
  • Full integration with ToolsNet
  • Integration with SQS
  • AOP communication (open to any developer)
  • Several customer’s protocols
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