LSS84 Vertical Grinder

For your rough grinding jobs


The LSS84 Vertical Grinder is powerful and sturdy enough for roughest grinding jobs making it a good choice of tool where accessibility is of minor importance. The rigid design with a vertically standing air motor and nodular cast iron cylinder gives impressively long service life and durability. Fitted with a speed governor, it keeps the rotational speed constant and increases productivity.


  • High productivity and long operational life
  • Optimized process speed
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Durable and long service intervals


  • Powerful, vertically mounted air motor
  • Integrated speed governor
  • Built-in silencer for noise reduction
  • Robust cast iron housing
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LSS84 S060-23


  • Max free speed : 6,000 r/min
  • Max wheel dia : 9 inch
  • Max wheel dia : 230 mm