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Fresh Air | April 2019

Top Tip: How to choose the right oil for your compressor


What is the best air compressor oil? Just as a motor vehicle manufacturer will specify types and grades of lubricants to ensure optimum performance and protection for the engine, so every type of compressor needs a specific lubricant.

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Rotary vane v. rotary screw compressors: What's the difference?

There have been many comparisons between rotary screw and vane compressor technologies, looking at principles and performance. We have collected the salient data and insights to enable you to make an informed choice.

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Industrial compressors for the OEM market

Did you know that Atlas Copco has ranges of compressors, standard and custom-made, that are ideal for various OEM applications, including automotive, dental, dairy, railway, marine, medical and printing?

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Met us at the Water Equipment show May 16

Our aeration blowers, oxygen generators and air compressors will be on show at the Water Equipment Show, presented by Pump Centre. Discover the most suitable air or oxygen solution for your water treatment processes.

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Meet our Distributor of the year

Knowsley-based Precision Pneumatics has won Atlas Copco’s Distributor of the Year Award 2018. Find out how their strong customer care and total solutions advice is keeping customers in the NW satisfied.

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A clean, clever and compact dry screw vacuum pump

Our DHS 065-200 VSD+ dry screw vacuum pumps offer lower lifecycle costs, higher productivity, lower energy consumption and easy maintenance. With no oil, the working environment is cleaner and safer.

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