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We have saved 100,000 barrels of crude oil

We are proud to announce that the 100,000th crude oil barrel has been saved since Atlas Copco's global move to synthetic lubricants!

Parts go green

Since 2018, Atlas Copco's shift from mineral to synthetic oil has saved 100,000 barrels of crude oil

Atlas Copco's Compressor Technique Service Division services air compressors in every corner of the world.

Oil is used to make sure a proper operation at the best performance is guaranteed in all conditions that a compressed air system is exposed to.

Replacing the oil in a compressed air system is therefore one of the most basic, most critical and most frequently performed service interventions, and is done in order to:

  • reduce the TCO as much as possible
  • improve the up-time of the equipment
  • extend the maintenance intervals
  • decrease the CO2 emissions

Atlas Copco initiated the move from mineral to synthetic oil some years ago, with:

  • dedicated oil developments
  • changing service contracts from mineral to synthetic oil
  • promoting the use of synthetic oil with 1% less energy consumption, less oil consumption and cleaner air

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Did you know that since 2018, by upgrading our oil injected screw machines to premium synthetic oil, we have reduced crude oil consumption by 100,000 barrels!

This has resulted in the fact that today the ratio of synthetic oil already equals more than 65% of the total oil volume that Atlas Copco uses, up from only 33% a few years ago.  With this conversion, Atlas Copco has managed to reduce our customers' oil consumption by 100,000 barrels of crude oil - reducing the environmental impact over the complete supply chain:

  • less crude oil production
  • less transport
  • less packaging
  • less waste oil

In the coming years, we want to continue this strategy to increase our synthetic oil ratio even further.

Did you know that by moving to our tailor made synthetic lubricants (RS Ultra, RS Xtend Duty) in an oil injected screw compressor, you can save 1% of energy?

This is achieved by:

  • optimal viscosity (oil thickness) behaviour during operation
  • minimal friction losses
  • excellent air release to avoid compressing air bubbles twice 
  • more stable viscosity behaviour over the complete service life

For example, in a GA90 compressor running 6000h, the user can save up to 5400kWh yearly. Times it with the local energy cost and you know what savings you can achieve!

Example with a 0,10€/kWh energy cost:

  • 540€ saving / year
  • equal to 3500 kgCO2 saving / year