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Fixed Price Services: best compressor parts & maintenance

Avoid financial surprises. Our Fixed Price Services combine the expertise of factory-trained technicians with the quality of our genuine compressor parts.

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The best compressor parts

The unrivalled quality of our genuine parts results in optimal uptime, energy consumption and reliability

An expert maintenance plan

Rely on the expertise of factory-trained Atlas Copco technicians

Clear and easy

Tailored to your installation, site conditions, and production planning, every Fixed Price Service has a clear scope and price

How can I budget my maintenance costs with certainty?

Fixed Price Services have a clear cost for each maintenance intervention, the scope of which is designed for your specific production needs. To limit your production downtime and allow you to allocate resources effectively, maintenance is scheduled ahead of time. And to keep your stock and handling to a minimum, compressor parts are delivered just in time.

How do genuine compressor parts reduce my risk?

Generic parts from third-parties are not designed to fit your system and suppliers cannot guarantee how such parts will affect your performance, efficiency and reliability. With service kits and parts of the highest standard and our specialized technicians, Fixed Price Services ensure your operation will not be impacted by an unexpected compressor outage.

What’s ‘fixed’ about Fixed Price Services?

Fixed Price Services go beyond a fixed labor and parts cost. You will receive the full scope needed to get your equipment running in optimal conditions. The ordering process is much easier - you know what you are getting and how much you are paying for it.

Get the best compressor parts and maintenance

No more financial surprises.
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