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Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
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Drying Compressed Air: The Aftercooler

Drying Compressed Air Wiki Air Treatment

All atmospheric air contains some amount of water vapor. When air is compressed, the water concentration increases. To avoid future problems in the compressor installation, the compressed air needs to be treated. In this article we introduce you to one of the first steps in drying thr air: the aftercooler.

What is an aftercooler?

the aftercooler makes sure the air cools down after being compressed

An aftercooler is a heat exchanger that cools the hot compressed air to precipitate the water that otherwise would condensate in the pipe system. It is water-cooled or air-cooled, is generally equipped with a water separator with automatic drainage and should be placed close to the compressor. Approximately 80–90% of the precipitated condensation water is collected in the aftercooler's water separator. A common value for the temperature of the compressed air after passing through the aftercooler is approx. 10˚C above the coolant temperature, but can vary depending on the type of cooler. An after-cooler is used in virtually all stationary installations. In most cases, an after-cooler is built into modern compressors.

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