Industry 4.0 Controllers & Accessories

Atlas Copco’s new launch is the HEX@TM vacuum pump controller and the HEX@GRID multi pump controller. This along with Atlas Copco’s Elec Cab and ES central controllers are designed to convert standalone fixed speed machines into intelligent vacuum systems. 

Explore our complete range of Industry 4.0 Controllers and Accessories

Industry 4.0 vacuum pump controllers

Our complete range of smart controllers includes the newly launched HEX@ and HEX@GRID Industry 4.0 vacuum pump controllers. Our complete range includes the reliable ES  Central Controller, ELEC CAB multi-pump controllers and the VSD+ app. 

Range of accessories for your vacuum installation

Our range of accessories for vacuum pumps include Knockout Pots, Filtration systems, Liquid Separators, Vacuum receivers, Valves and Vessels.

Fit inlet commissioning screens and/or filters

Fit liquid separators on the pump inlet as necessary

Do not forget to allow adequate maintenance access

Industry 4.0 Controllers & Accessories

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