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brewing beer at the Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

Trykluftløsninger til lægemiddelindustrien

Oil-free air compressors, vacuum pumps and nitrogen generators for the beer industry. Our compressed air and gas solutions are the perfect fit for every brewery, with the lowest possible cost of ownership.

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ISO 22000-certificeret

Den første og eneste producent af luftkompressorer, der har modtaget ISO 22000-certificeringer. Det giver bryggerierne en god garanti for, at vores produkter kan gøre en forskel i deres branche.

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Garanteret kontinuerlig oliefri luftforsyning

Certificeret klasse 0 oliefri luft og nitrogen i henhold til ISO 85731-1-normerne. Sikrer en kontinuerlig forsyning af både luft og nitrogen ved de højest mulige renhedsniveauer.

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Kompressorløsninger til alle trin i ølproduktion

Der skal bruges trykluft i næsten alle trin af bryggeprocessen. Vi skræddersyr vores produkter, så de passer perfekt til bryggeriets behov. Afhængigt af størrelse, støj, energieffektivitet og andre krav.

Certificeret ren luft

We have set the standard concerning uncontaminated air. Being the first and only compressor manufacturer to be ISO 22000 certified and the first to have been certified by a third party on ISO 8573-1 (2010) Class 0 clean air. This gives breweries a peace of mind that the air is as pure as possible and the compressors are manufactured in a safe and controlled environment by highly trained employees.

Solutions for every step of the brewing process

Doesn’t matter if you are a large brewery, microbrewery or a craft brewery, our compressors offer solutions for every single size, because compressed air is used in nearly every step of any brewery’s production process. From fermentation and aeration to bottling and carbonating, we can tailor our products specifically to the brewery’s needs depending on their energy, size and noise requirements.

Optimering af ejeromkostninger

Being the most reliable machine on the market comes with additional benefits. Having an oil-free air compressor means you do not have to replace expensive filters, there are no extra energy costs for pressure loss due to these filters. This brings down maintenance costs. Additionally, it is possible to recover the CO2 that is created during the fermentation process for commercial ends or self-use. Finally, thanks to our global service network that contains more than 180 countries downtimes are solved in no-time, no matter where you are or at what time.

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Birra Peroni brygger Klasse-0 øl

Trykluftens verden vil ikke længere være den samme takket være den nye oliefrie ZR-luftkompressor, der er blevet testet i Italien af Birra Peroni.

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Barranco Beer Company brews class 0 beer

Barranco Beer Company in Peru uses oil-free air compressors provided by Atlas Copco to produce high quality class 0 beer.

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Olde Mecklenburg Brewery uses oil-free air in brewing process

The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA) uses oil free air compressors from Atlas Copco in their brewing processes to guarantee that their air is clean, their nitrogen is pure and their beer is always uncompromised.

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Compressed air is used to move beer from the conditioning tank to the bottle and for keeping the lines clean. Class 0 oil-free air will make sure the lines and tanks do not get polluted in the process.


It is possible to recover the CO2 that is created during the fermentation process and either use it to carbonate your products or by storing it and later selling it.
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Oil-free compressed air is used for cleaning bottles and packaging prior to the filling. If the air is contaminated it can alter the flavor, odor and foam besides being a health hazard.


Compressed air supplies oxygen to bacteria during the fermentation process (aeration). This converts carbon hydrates to alcohol using micro-organisms. Important during the process is delivering the exact amount of compressed air and maintaining the correct oxygen level in order to determine the quality of the yeast. 

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Compressed air is used to control the valves and actuators in automated lines for packaging, labelling and more. Oil-free air prevents automated components from jamming, thereby lowering maintenance costs.


Water used during the brewing process must be treated before it can be returned to the water cycle to minimize its impact on the environment. Naturally, the air needed for this treatment must be oil-free or the water would be contaminated again. Read more on wastewater treatment

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