Membership eligibility

Employees and retired employees of Atlas Copco (India) Ltd. with at least twenty five years of employment in one or more periods, with one or more companies in the Atlas Copco Group.

Gold Club membership for employees in companies that have become part of the Atlas Copco Group is not obtained until the Company has belonged to the Group during five calendar years.

A current or former Atlas Copco employee or a retired Atlas Copco employee who, by an unanimous Board of the Gold Club, are regarded as particularly qualified and of this reason will receive membership and the Gold Pin, even though the requirement of at least twenty five years of employment, as above stated is not fulfilled. The Chairman shall decide on a proposal from the Board presented in compliance with this subsection.

The Chairman may also, on his own initiative, award the Gold Pin to a well deserving person with a strong connection to the Atlas Copco Group, even if the person has not fulfilled the requirement of employment; Such an awarding will be recorded by the Board of the Gold Club, but the awarding does not entitle to membership in the Gold Club, unless the Board of the Gold Club unanimously so decided.

If the employment by a Gold Club member in an Atlas Copco India is terminated by any other reason than retirement in accordance with law or as a result of a separate agreement, the membership in the Gold Club terminates as well.

A Gold Club member who acts against the purposes of the Gold Club can be excluded from the Gold Club as a result of a unanimous decision of the Board.