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CO2 compressor

Our oil-free CO2 booster is specifically developed for applications requiring high compression. Efficient design translates in major energy savings

CO2 compressor- CO2 recovery system

Key technical specifications

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CO2 booster
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Did you know?

We are one of the world's leading companies in gas compression, with over 140 years of experience. Our CO2 high pressure gas compressors deliver quality CO2 and can be tailored to your specific requirements


Energy efficient CO2 booster

To guarantee and monitor your energy efficiency, the latest innovations are included in the design of the CO2 reciprocating compressor.

  • Low-speed, long-stroke pistons designed with efficiency in mind also guarantee a longer life time of wear components
  • Monitoring system SMARTlink enables you to know the status of your compressor at all times 
  • Unit controller Elektronikon enables you to maximize the performance of your CO2 compressor



CO2 booster

Carbon dioxide compressor designed for reliability

The horizontal design of our CO2 booster ensures reduced maintenance. We included dependable cylinders, reliable pistons and piston rods, premium quality valves and motor, high-quality stainless steel components, and a robust drive system.


Technical benefits

Reliable supply of CO2
Designed for 24/7 industrial service, our CO2 piston compressors meet your requirements for a reliable supply of CO2, without constant supervision.
Oil- free compression for top CO2 quality

Oil-free compression safeguards the compressed CO2 gas quality. 

Pollution could lead to high risks for your production, preserve your process with oil-free technology.

Maximum energy savings
By integrating the latest innovations in terms of monitoring and control, our CO2 reciprocating compressors rank extremely high for energy savings. On top reciprocating technology is a proven standard for high-pressure applications where low energy consumption is a must
CO2 compressor system


To find out more about the benefits of our CO2 compressor design, download here our CO2 booster leaflet:
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Customer stories

CO2 compressors applied in food and beverage industry

SP Italy recovers and reuses up to 80% of CO2

SP Italy recovers and reuses up to 80% of CO2

SP Italy uses CO2 to control insect pests in their production process to guarantee rice quality and safety. At the end of the process, instead of being released into the atmosphere, the CO2 is recovered by up to 80%. View here the full story..


Find out more about CO2 recovery during the fermentation in the brewing process

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