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If your applications rely on the cleanest compressed air, our compressor line filters will deliver

Air compressor line filters

If your application relies on the cleanest compressed air, our line filters and filter cartridges will make that happen with optimal efficiency.

Key technical specifications

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Air compressor line filters

Cartridges that make the difference

Air quality is essential, where specific air quality requirements depend on the needs of your application and production equipment. 

Our highly efficient line filters play a vital role in filtering out impurities such as solid particles, moisture and oil aerosols or vapor. By minimizing pressure drops, we help you achieve your energy saving targets.

Air compressor line ilter

How can I keep my air quality at its best?

All our filter cartridges are factory-tested for performance and oil carry-over, and have the longest lifespan since they are genuine products. Their ISO-certified quality has been validated independently by TÜV. As the cartridges come from the same factory as the original ones, they will uphold your initial air purity after each service intervention.

What with air compressor filter cartridges at a lower price?

Cheaper parts are typically made of inferior materials and have a shorter lifetime. Lesser filtration material will also decrease the filter’s efficiency, allowing particles to penetrate into the air net. Cores not made of stainless steel might corrode and collapse during operation.


Even if an alternative cartridge fits, it hasn’t been designed specifically for Atlas Copco and will therefore not be a 100% match. This could cause a higher pressure drop and increased energy consumption. That could results in a higher total lifecycle cost of your compressed air system.


Everything you always wanted to know about line filters
Go for the highest air quality with genuine line filters
Everything you always wanted to know about line filters
Everything you always wanted to know about line filters

Go for the highest air quality with genuine line filters

Everything you always wanted to know about line filters



Why Atlas Copco line filters?

Minimize pressure drops
Our filters reduce pressure drop by 40% and save on energy consumption.
Long lifetime
Our stainless-steel filter cores are designed to withstand pressures differences, protecting the integrity of the filter.
Easy maintenance
Our push-on filter element simplifies installation and maintenance. Reliability is ensured by the double O-rings that eliminate leakage of unfiltered air.
The quality and lifetime performance of Atlas Copco line filters are awarded ISO8573 and ISO12500 certification by trusted organizations.


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