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Atlas Copco has been providing world-class air compressors, blowers, nitrogen generators, air dryers, filters, air receivers, piping and other energy efficient compressed air products for over 60 years in India

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Providing Energy Efficient Compressed Air solutions since 1960…

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At Atlas Copco India, we have been delivering value and innovating with the future in mind for over 60 years. We team up with our customers to turn industrial ideas into smart solutions. Our passionate people, expertise, and unmatched service have been bringing sustainable value to industries everywhere for over six decades.

We pride ourselves on the culture of being close to our customers which we strongly demonstrated with our 60 years of service and operations in India.

We proud to offer world-class air compressors, blowers, nitrogen generators, and air treatment products from our 2 manufacturing units in India and we serve all types of industries with our large network of sales and service teams through-out India.

Apart from providing energy-efficient compressed air solutions, Atlas Copco also supports our customers with a wide variety of resources on compressed air knowledge which will help them to make the right purchasing decisions.

Call us today to understand how we can help you save energy & improve the plant's productivity with our energy-efficient compressed air solutions.

Air compressors, Blowers, Air treatment Products, services and more

We always aim to provide the right compressed air solutions for your manufacturing process as per your compressed air needs. Our compressed air products & services are used in a wide variety of industries including automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverages, textile, cement, wastewater treatment, and many more.

We can guarantee that our compressed air products bring operational benefits to all industries, while still maintaining a low total cost of ownership.

Our energy-efficient compressed air product range includes oil-injected/oil-lubricated/oil-flooded screw air compressor, oil-free screw air compressor, oil-free screw blowers, scroll air compressors, tooth air compressors, piston air compressors, turbo air compressors, water-injected screw air compressor, etc with air filters, air dryers, and other compressed air accessories.

We also offer a range of industrial gas generators, including on-site nitrogen and oxygen generators which help you to achieve operational efficiency and a lower cost compared to bulk deliveries of the same industrial gas.

Trust, by choosing Atlas Copco, you'll be working with a manufacturer who focuses on consistent innovation and strives to bring efficient products to the market - which means we're continuously focusing to ensure you receive the best out of your compressed air system.

A virtual plant tour

Ever considered the benefits of harmonizing all your air, gas, and vacuum needs inside your facility? Take a look into your future with this virtual plant tour. Atlas Copco compressed air solutions that are made to work together – solutions that are made to work for you!


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