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TotalCare - Full service compressor maintenance

TotalCare keeps your compressed air equipment running in optimal condition, taking all maintenance off your hands. It includes all service visits as well as proactive repairs, except element overhauls.

Key technical specifications

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TotalCare - Full service compressor maintenance

The best compressor service value

Thanks to our experienced engineers and the genuine air compressor parts that were designed for your compressor, reliability remains at the highest level. Proactive interventions and priority support: it’s all part of the service value you get with TotalCare.


In addition to taking care of all the routine maintenance, our service engineers will proactively detect and repair any developing problems. They will retrofit your compressor with the latest improvements resulting from our ongoing R&D efforts. 


Get connected

Thanks to SMARTLINK, you can keep track of the efficiency of your compressed air system without even visiting the compressor room.

What is included

With TotalCare you get

Full Service

Includes troubleshooting, genuine parts and expert service as well as repairs.

High priority

Our service experts monitor all the relevant compressor data and respond quickly to your needs, with proactive service and advanced support.

Time & cost saving

Reduces the total cost of ownership of your equipment and offers maximum machine availability.

Remote monitoring

Thanks to SMARTLINK Energy, you can follow up on the energy efficiency of your compressor room, with easy access to reports and recommendations. 

A green solution

Upholding the energy efficiency of your equipment means minimizing the environmental impact and achieving your energy saving targets.


Why TotalCare

Why choose for a TotalCare Service Plan

High level of support

Advanced diagnostic services enable us to spot and fix any deviations in the performance of your compressors.

This way, our service experts can respond quickly to your needs, with proactive service and advanced support.

Reduce compressor downtime

Diagnozing a problem and ordering the right parts can be a time-consuming effort, resulting in prolonged downtime and lost production.

TotalCare includes troubleshooting, parts and expert service, all within a quick and efficient workflow. 

Lower energy costs

Without timely service, the wear of consumables may increase the energy consumption of your compressors. Within a TotalCare Plan, Atlas Copco service engineers know exactly when to replace parts and what checks to perform.

TotalCare service plan

Additional Services

Additional options

Optimization contract
Our Industry 4.0-ready solution to optimize your energy consumption, achieve maximum availability and have an energy consultant always at your disposal. It includes the cost-saving Optimizer 4.0 compressor room controller.
Uptime Guarantee
The Uptime Guarantee is our pledge that your equipment will be available for an agreed percentage of the time. If not, you’re entitled to a refund.
Shock Pulse Monitoring keeps an eye on critical components and warns you when they need to be replaced. Avoid a disruption of your production and get maximum equipment lifetime.

Upgrade your service contract for even more benefits


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