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Water-cooled and air-cooled air compressor aftercoolers HD and TD

Our HD and TD water and air-cooled aftercoolers deliver trouble-free protection against the costly effects of water in your compressed air system.

HD air compressor aftercooler

Key technical specifications

Capacity FAD

28.88 m³/h - 5,757.94 m³/h

Working pressure

10.5 bar(e) - 20 bar(e)

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Optimal protection: avoid water in your compressed air system

All our compressors are equipped with an aftercooler. It cools the air, turning up to 70% of the humidity into water, which is then immediately drained. However, production facilities with extremely high ambient temperatures might need additional cooling. Atlas Copco’s add-on aftercoolers prevent excess moisture from entering your compressed air system. 

Our aftercoolers are reliable, require minimal maintenance, and protect you from the costly effects of water in your compressed air system.

  • HD water-cooled aftercoolers use a bundle of stainless steel tubes to cool the air
  • TD air-cooled aftercoolers have an aluminum block-cooling element

Combining high cooling efficiency with low energy consumption, both ensure your air is at a temperature suitable for most types of air dryers.




TD air-cooled aftercooler


Compressor aftercooler benefits

Energy efficient aftercoolers
A negligible pressure drop means there is virtually no loss of power. This places no extra demand on your compressor, avoiding additional energy or maintenance costs
Quick installation and minimal maintenance
You quickly install our HD and TD aftercoolers, and easy assembly of connection flanges.  You simply dismantle our aftercoolers for cleaning.
High reliable aftercooler operation
Completely constructed from rustproof material, HD and TD aftercoolers offer a long lifetime of reliable operation
Compressed air installation with aftercooler


Technical specification

Technical Property Value

Capacity FAD

28.88 m³/h - 5,757.94 m³/h

Working pressure

10.5 bar(e) - 20 bar(e)


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