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central controller

Optimize your installation with air compressor control systems

Our central controllers optimize the operation of your compressed air and blower system while set pressure and flow are being met. It maximizes energy savings and keeps the units in good running condition with a proactive approach to maintenance.

Key technical specifications

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Optimize your installation with air compressor control systems

Get the most out of your compressed air system

Central controllers further increase the efficiency of the whole air compressor system by actively managing the integrated machines in their most optimum points possible. They reduce your energy consumption and optimize your maintenance needs.


The controllers are ready for Industry 4.0, or the Internet of Things, and are designed for smart factories.

central controller

Let central controllers optimize your compressed air system

It's all about efficiency, reliability and connectivity. Our devices can:

  • Optimize the operation of your compressed air and blower system in accordance with ISO50001, while pressure and flow setpoints are being met.
  • Maximize energy savings and keep the equipment in good maintenance condition.
  • Monitor your equipment for a proactive approach to maintenance, for live data visualization and for energy savings KPI accounting.

What if I run multiple compressors without a central controller?

Without our compressor controllers, the load/unload pressure of each unit must be set to react to changes in air demand. If the system pressure drops, an additional compressor will switch to loaded running. However, the sequence will always be the same, and this leads to a higher pressure than required (the higher the pressure, the higher the energy cost). Furthermore, the advantages of VSD or centrifugal machines are not fully used.

What about load distribution of my compressors?

Our central controllers can be set to prevent unequal wear of compressors, equalizing the running hours on multiple machines for more efficient service scheduling and reduced cost. Moreover, VSD and centrifugal units will run at the optimum point whenever possible.

Our compressor control systems

  • Optimizer 4.0: get the best compressors' energy performance, minimize CO2 emissions and benefit of maximum local and online connectivity. Ready for Industry 4.0 and designed for smart factories.

  • Equalizer 4.0: reduce energy consumption by lowering pressure band, equalize running hours and keep your compressors monitored.

  • Equalizer 4.0 PRO: all the advantages of Equalizer 4.0 now with remote monitoring, a userfriendly touch screen and the possibility to integrate with SMARTLINK.
Optimizer 4.0, Equalizer 4.0, Equalizer Pro


Why an air compressor controller

Save energy
Central controllers save energy by making your compressors work together efficiently and ensure a stable pressure. All types and brands of machines can be controlled: fixed speed, VSD and centrifugal compressors and blowers as well.
Increase uptime
With our central controllers, the load will be distributed evenly among your equipment, hence equalizing the wear. Furthermore, compressors and blowers operating with our master have less load/unload cycles and operate at the lowest possible pressure/flow, to extend the lifetime of your machines.
Stay connected
Management of facilities always involves remote monitoring, so machines should be able to send information which can be analyzed and used for improvement. This is only possible if your machines are connected: our compressor controllers ensure maximum connectivity, through Local Area Network (LAN) or via a cloud-based monitoring system.


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