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On-site oxygen generation

Oxygen is critical not just to life but to many industries. Our onsite oxygen generators deliver a high-capacity flow at the desired purity. As a result, manufacturers enjoy the freedom, continuity and reliability of onsite oxygen generation at a much lower cost per unit of O2.

Onsite gas generation allows a variety of industries to produce their own oxygen anytime they need without relying on third-party suppliers for oxygen gas supply. Our oxygen generation offers a wealth of advantages ranging from cost savings to continuous availability. Oxygen, particularly when produced through onsite oxygen generation, plays an important role in many industries and operations including steel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, ozone production, wastewater treatment, fish farming, glassworks.

Instead of depending on bought or leased oxygen, onsite oxygen generators make use of PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption), a simple, reliable, cost-efficient technology that isolates oxygen from other molecules and allows for a continuous flow of oxygen at a chosen level of purity. 

Benefits of oxygen generation

Much lower cost per unit of oxygen

You will have the ability to set the exact purity your application requires instead of overpaying for overspecified oxygen

Safety first

Thanks to the OGP range there is no need to move around pressurized cylinders.

Smaller footprint

Eliminating oxygen transport and delivery reduces your environmental footprint.

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How an oxygen generator is used in manufacturing companies
How an oxygen generator is used in manufacturing companies

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Advantages of onsite oxygen generation

Onsite oxygen generation provides oxygen on demand and does away with the hassle and cost of placing orders and waiting for deliveries. Moreover, onsite oxygen generation means:

  • Purity and pressure can be adjusted at any time 
  • Production won’t be affected by delayed deliveries
  • A reduced carbon footprint, since delivery is not required
  • A smaller footprint compared to space requirements of tanks and cylinders
  • Easy integration into existing compressed air systems
  • Better employee safety

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