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Up to 35% less energy consumption with ZR 160 VSD+

Ideal for applications in the food & beverage, electronics, automotive, textile and pharmaceutical industries.

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High efficiency motor

The internal IP66 water-cooled permanent magnet motors, designed for class-leading efficiency and high reliability, contain oil-lubricated bearings for a long maintenance-free lifetime.

Optimal control

The dual motor concept incorporates variable speed drive technology. A smart control algorithm allows both elements to be run at different speeds, which optimizes efficiency.
Reduced energy consumption, operating costs and environmental impact.

Reliable cooling

The redesigned cooler incorporates a highly efficient water separator. Parallel water flow optimizes cooling of the motor, element and the cooler itself. Enlarged stainless steel surface coolers improve cooling efficiency and ensure top performance over a long lifetime.


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Birra Peroni brews Class 0 beer


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