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The VSD compressor of tomorrow

By using advanced connectivity technology, variable speed drive pioneer Atlas Copco is allowing its customers to get the most out of their VSD compressors

20 July, 2022

Available now: The VSD compressor of tomorrow!

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Technology is evolving faster than ever before in human history. In the blink of an eye, today’s new gadget is tomorrow’s obsolete technology. Just think of the Walkman, which was replaced by the Discman, which was replaced by the iPod, which was replaced by smartphones. In just over a generation, we saw three revolutionary types of technology become the hottest product on the market and then vanish.

VSD compressor of tomorrow
In that case, we are talking about (relatively) inexpensive technology, which means it was still affordable to keep buying the latest thing. But that is not always the case. Take compressors, for example. They constitute a much larger investment and, when you buy one, you expect it to last for many years. But what will your production environment look like toward the end of its service life? What kind of advances could the compressor industry make in the meantime and would you be missing out on them?

These two questions are especially crucial at this time because the entire manufacturing sector is in the midst of a major technological revolution. Whether you refer to it as the Internet of Things (IoT) or Industry 4.0, a move toward connectivity and digitalization is coming – and it will force businesses to either ride this wave of progress or get swept up by it. The upsides to being at the forefront of this technology are obvious: The possibilities that the new connectivity offers will completely change manufacturing as we know it. In the world of compressed air, it is the biggest thing since variable speed drive (VSD) compressors redefined energy efficiency and changed the industry forever. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Atlas Copco, which invented VSD compressors, is once again at the cutting edge of this new technology. Now, however, the compressed air expert is no longer “just” building supremely efficient and reliable compressors – Atlas Copco is also utilizing new technologies to makes its products as well as your production even more efficient and reliable.

Total control, total performance

Here is how: Its VSD+ compressors come with a high-tech Elektronikon® Touch controller and the optional SMARTLINK monitoring system. The former is Atlas Copco’s most advanced controller yet. It features a user-friendly touch screen with state-of-the-art control and monitoring capabilities, such as a delayed second stop, different week schedules, and integrated controls for up to 6 compressors.

The extremely robust Elektronikon® controller, which performs reliably even in tough conditions, ensures that you can maximize the performance of your compressed air system. In addition, it helps optimize maintenance intervals.

In short, it lets you get the most out of your compressors … as long as an operator is on site.

However, by taking full advantage of the possibilities new connectivity technologies offer, Atlas Copco allows you to do much more than that.

Run your compressor from anywhere

By linking the Elektronikon® controller to the SMARTLINK monitoring system, all you need is a mobile device and an Internet connection to guarantee that your VSD+ compressor is running optimally. So, whether you are on a business trip or on vacation abroad, you can always keep an eye on things.

However, this powerful combo not only lets you control your compressor, it also provides a complete insight in your compressed air network and it alerts you to potential issues before they become problems.

It’s the perfect example of how modern connectivity tools can lower a compressor’s total cost of ownership and increase its uptime.

Make sure nothing gets lost in translation

But that’s not all. Atlas Copco is also a pioneer in using OPC UA communication technology in compressors. By establishing a single “language” for all industrial equipment, this technology allows all machines to effortlessly “understand” each other. And, because it is encrypted and security was a top priority in its development, OPC UA also protects machines from hackers. The use of this technology will also make it much easier to collect data from all of the different machines and optimize operations. Finally, its plug and play installation makes it very easy to set up and facilitates the harmonization with other equipment. The result of all these features will be a much smoother operation. As a class A member of the OPC Foundation, Atlas Copco understands that compressed air systems play an important role in achieving the full potential of this technology. That is why the compressed air expert recently released its first series of compressors that speak this universal language. And, in the future, you will be able to retroactively install this technology and enjoy all of its benefits. The choice is clear … because it is no choice at all. In the very near future, connectivity will be an absolute requirement for any business that wants to keep up. But why wait? You can be at the forefront of this technological revolution and give yourself a big advantaged over your competitors.

VSD stands for variable speed drive. Hidden behind these letters is (inverter) technology that automatically adjusts the compressor’s motor speed to the compressed air demand in real time. This often saves a lot of energy and money. Find out in this e-book how a VSD can work for you.


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VSD Variable Speed Drive Air compressors VSD+

The VSD compressor of tomorrow

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