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Efficient air supply for high volume applications

Our custom-designed air and nitrogen compressors ensure you are getting the most efficient compressor products for your specific application.

Optimum CAPEX to maximize your investment

Atlas Copco air separation compressors are designed with reduced component complexity in mind. This combined with our global supply chain helps you attain your facility CAPEX goals.

Four generations of reliable compressor design

Growing demand has resulted in the development of large-scale air separation units. Atlas Copco has developed industrial gas compressors for facilities large and small, and can help you meet your expanded air supply and efficiency targets.

Designed for many industrial gases applications

From towering air separation units serving steel plants to complex and winding chemical plant structures, our centrifugal air compressors are at the heart of many industrial gases applications:

Air separation

  • Main air
  • Booster air
  • Nitrogen booster
  • Oxygen compression 
  • Hydrogen carbon monoxide plants (HYCO)
  •  CO Compressor, Multi-sectional 
  • Atlas Copco supplies, installs and services your industrial gas compressors, along with your compressed air equipment. Discover all our solutions, learn about working principles and read stories of our customers.




    Efficient solutions for your process

    Customer's success story

    Air Liquide uses Atlas Copco's Z compressors

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