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Compressed air newsletter - March 2022

March 31, 2022

Here's your monthly digest containing useful tips on energy savings and information about air compressors, air dryers, filters, spare parts, airnet piping and other energy-saving/optimization compressed air products.

From the desk of our General manager

Photograph of General Manager - CT CC India Mr. Conrad Latham

Conrad Latham - General Manager Atlas Copco Compressor Technique

As we come to the end of the financial year we see that the recent Omicron wave has almost completely subsided and that many companies have again opened fully their offices and workplaces.

We have also completely opened our Support Centre office in Pune and welcomed back for a face to face interactions with our wonderful teams who have worked so tirelessly from their homes over the last 2 years.

It has been great to be back face to face and witness the collective energy that comes from having so many happy colleagues sharing stories and gaining motivation from interacting together. This energy is extremely important when so many challenges around Climate Change are there for us to address and solve.

Atlas Copco Group recently demonstrated its commitment to CO2 reduction with the publishing of its revised Science-Based Targets for Climate change.

The majority of energy consumed and therefore CO2 produced from the total life of a compressor is in the running of the machine. So whilst we are continuing with solar panels in our factories and always looking for how we can reduce the amount of CO2 we produce when transporting the parts and machines around the country, it is in the education and awareness that we create for the life cycle of the compressor.

Here we constantly train our teams on how to reduce the overall energy usage of the complete compressor room and offer services to you to audit the complete compressed air system to look for areas of energy saving.

Please feel free to reach out to our teams and challenge them to help you reduce your energy usage.

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the newsletter!

Featured Tips

Please follow the below articles/ links to keep yourself updated on air compressors, gas generators, and energy-efficient solutions.

1. Essential tips to maintain air compressor during summers

Beat the hear

If you want to avoid an abrupt shutdown of the air compressors due to high ambient temperatures during the summer season, you may welcome the guidelines to manage air compressors efficiently. 


📌Read our 5 tips to maintain your air compressor in summer

2. Air Compressor for the fermentation application

Modern Beer Factory. Rows of steel tanks for beer fermentation and maturation. Spot light effect

Fermentation is a critical and complex process in the pharma industry. Hence, it is important that the right compressor equipment with proper system layout & control scheme should be chosen for smooth, reliable plant production at the lowest possible operational cost.


📌 Watch on-demand webinar to learn more


3. Role of air quality in the dairy industry

Dairy industry

Watch the on-demand recording of our webinar on the importance of the quality of compressed air and how it can be achieved by applying the right compressed air solutions in your industry. 


📌 Role of air quality in the dairy industry

4. Reduce compressed air costs with an air audit


Discover how you can lower your environmental impact and reduce the compressor operating costs with an AIRScan compressor audit which is the most proactive and efficient way to minimize operational costs.


📌 Learn how every compressed air installation can be improved


Featured Tips

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