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Compressed air Tips May 2021

From the Desk of our General Manager

Conrad Latham - General Manager Atlas Copco Compressor Technique Customer Center, India

Conrad Latham - General Manager Atlas Copco Compressor Technique Customer Center, India

In these unusual times, as most of the country continues to fight the war against Covid, we at Atlas Copco have spent the last few weeks, internally aligning our global production facilities to provide as many compressors and oxygen generators as possible. As many countries come out of their lockdowns, we have seen globally a huge demand for compressed air systems and this makes the challenge to increase deliveries to India even more difficult. But in unprecedented times, exceptional companies with passionate people work to support their customers and society. We have increased our deliveries of compressors, needed to feed the air for oxygen generators, to meet the enormous demands. We have ramped up our production of oxygen generators and have each day new installations are coming online to feed vital, pure oxygen into many hospitals across India. We may not be the largest oxygen generator company in the world but we never let a challenge go without combining our global strength and local competence. We are very grateful to all the companies that have given us the chance to partner with them on these life-saving projects and we will continue to work tirelessly to meet our commitments. Today we stand shoulder to shoulder with so many of you in this fight. Thank you for the opportunity and we promise we will constantly look for the best solutions to help the country and your company now and always.

Featured Tips

Please follow the below articles/ links to keep yourself updated on air compressors, gas generators, and energy-efficient solutions.

1. Understand the cost of compressed air

7 Benefits of Upgrading-Illustration

Generating compressed air and getting it to the point of use can be costly. Here are the different cost factors in a complete air system and the ways you can make it more efficient.

Learn more about the air generation cost with our interactive catalog

2. The high cost of not UPgrading

High cost of not upgrading - Infographics

" You snooze, you lose.” Failing to seize an opportunity will result in disadvantages later, applies nowhere more than in business. Going for the replacement of an air compressor is no exception. There are a lot of costs associated with your old old compressor by not UPgrading to the latest technology.

Learn more

3. Understanding VSD vs Fixed Speed Technology

Compressing air can account for more than 40% of a plant’s total electricity bill. Learn more on VSD technology and how it compares to fixed speed.

Learn more about VSD vs fixed speed

4. Watch the recording of our webinar on cost-saving opportunities

Recently our energy managers had conducted a live webinar on cost-saving opportunities in the compressed air system & shared various tips-tricks with case studies. if you have not attended the live webinar,  you may watch the recorded session and learn best practices to improve your compressed air system.

Watch the webinar reocrding

Featured Tips

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