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Boost your air compressor capacity

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Boost Flow Mode: safely boost your air compressor

Sometimes your production and its compressed air system are stretched to the very edge of their limits. With Atlas Copco’s Boost Flow Mode in the new VSDs air compressor, exceeding the maximum capacity no longer comes at the cost of losing pressure, compromising your operation and risking a production shutdown.  Find out how you’ll safely get that extra bit of power when you need it most.


What makes the Boost Flow Mode better than other air compressor boosters?

Technologically speaking, the Boost Flow Mode allows VSDs compressors to temporarily exceed their maximum capacity. What it means to you in reality, is that Boost Flow Mode is a vital safeguard that automatically protects your compressed air system when it is most vulnerable – and when a problem would be most devastating and expensive. 


So you can rest assured that Boost Flow Mode will keep you going – and that it will do so safely, thanks to its built-in operational monitoring. In other words, it will only work when conditions such as relative humidity, ambient temperature and input voltage allow it to do so without compromising the compressor.


Just because Boost Flow Mode activates on its own when needed, it does not mean that you won’t know that it has been engaged. It also triggers a notification that the compressor you are using may be too small for the job you are asking it to do.


If the circumstances that led to it being activated were truly unusual, then you are probably fine. However, if the Boost Flow Mode kicks in frequently, it is probably time to think about an upgrade.


What exactly makes the new generation VSDs better than other variable speed drive compressors?

Boost Flow Mode is just one of the many features that set the GA VSDs range apart and make them compressors for a new generation: smarter, greener and more connected than any of its predecessors. Our engineers also innovated:


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