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Atlas Copco STC: not just an oil cooling system

Atlas Copco introduces a revolutionary alternative for traditional oil cooling systems. The new GA VSDs compressors are equipped with a Smart Temperature Control System, developed in-house by the Atlas Copco R&D team, to ensure an optimal oil temperature at all times. Learn all about it here.


Why do I need a high-end air compressor oil cooling system?

Traditional mechanical thermostats only provide limited support. In order to ensure that the element  is protected – even at the expense of greater efficiency – they tend to set a relatively high oil temperature. As a result, compressors with a mechanical thermostat consume more energy than they would with an optimized oil temperature.


  • If the oil is too hot, then the compressor’s efficiency suffers and energy is wasted
  • If the oil is too cold, then the risk of condensation increases
  • Of course, moisture has a negative impact on the reliability of a compressed air system

Unfortunately, finding and maintaining a compressor’s ideal oil temperature has proven to be nearly impossible in the past. Because ambient conditions change constantly, a temperature that is ideal one minute may end up being inefficient the next.


That’s where the VSDs comes in.

What makes the VSDs air compressor oil cooling system so unique?

VSDs oil cooling system Atlas Copco

The oil temperature directly impacts the performance of your lubricated compressor. Developed in-house by Atlas Copco, the Smart Temperature Control System ensures an optimal oil temperature at all times by acting as a heater or cooler as needed.

Here is how STC works:

  • An advanced algorithm in the Elektronikon® controller combines operational parameters such as motor speed, ambient temperature and humidity to calculate the optimal injection temperature.
  • The Neos Next then implements this temperature by regulating the VSD fan and the new Smart Thermostatic Control valve. It’s real-time optimization to eliminate the risk of condensation while ensuring maximum compression efficiency.
  • By having two active parts - the fan and the valve -  we can activate a fail safe in case, for instance, the valve fails.

What else makes the VSDs better than other variable speed drive compressors?

The innovative Neos Next inverter technology is only one of the VSDs’s innovative components. Looking for the best of the best? Look no further. Our engineers innovated all crucial components:




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