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Inverter technology in compression

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Neos Next: the inverter technology that puts VSDs compressors in a league of their own

Since air compression is such a crucial factor in your business, it is important to make sure you own the latest technological advancements and employ sustainable and efficient methods. The VSDs compressors provide that - and a lot more. Atlas Copco’s engineers worked tirelessly to innovate on the existing systems, bringing you the most efficient compressor available today.

What is the newest inverter technology?

GA VSDs neos next inverter technology

In an ordinary variable speed drive (VSD) compressor, the inverter is responsible for matching the compressor’s motor speed to the fluctuations in air demand, which greatly reduces the amount of energy needed to make it run. It is the component that allows the compressor to achieve double-digit energy savings.

But Atlas Copco’s GA VSDˢ is no ordinary compressor, meaning its Neos Next is no ordinary inverter technology. Instead, it is an extraordinary piece of engineering that was developed in-house by Atlas Copco and it plays a large role in why the GA VSDˢ is a truly revolutionary compressor:

New GA VSDs air compressor by Atlas Copco
  • By managing the compressor’s motor and fan speed, the Neos Next is instrumental in making the new GA VSDˢ range the most efficient on the market, delivering energy savings up to 60% compared to fixed-speed models.
  • The inverter also plays a key role in the Smart Temperature Control System of the VSDˢ, regulating the Smart Thermostatic Control valve and the VSD fan to ensure that the compressor operates with an optimal oil injection temperature at all times. This not only further boosts the efficiency of VSDˢ compressors but also increases their reliability by eliminating the risk of condensation in the element.
  • In addition, the Neos Next controls the VSDs intelligent drains. It monitors when the drains need to be emptied, a performance and efficiency improvement compared to the traditional timed cycles. In addition, the Neos Next keeps track of the number of drain cycles to allow for maintenance when necessary, rather than at fixed intervals.
  • Finally, the Neos Next offers the functionality of an entire electrical cubicle in one unit. And, instead of requiring lots of different electrical components, the Neos Next combines them.
  • Finally, while other compressors use off-the-shelf inverters that are used for many purposes, the Neos Next was designed specifically for use in Atlas Copco compressors. That means there are no unnecessary components and its software is optimized for compressor regulation.

You put it all together, and it is easy to see why the Neos Next and the GA VSDˢ range are such a unique combination of efficiency and reliability.

You might think that packing all of these features into one inverter would make the Neos Next overly large or delicate, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it is very compact.


And because it has fewer components than traditional inverters, the Neos Next technology has a smaller impact on the environment and further contributes to the sustainability of the VSDs range.


Moreover, thanks to its IP54 rating, the inverter is protected from dirt and dust, ensuring that the Neos Next works trouble-free in the harshest conditions and guarantees maximum uptime and productivity.


Why is the VSDs better than other variable speed drives?

The innovative Neos Next inverter technology is only one of the components contributing to the VSDs‘s unique level of quality. To make sure you get the best of the best, our engineers also innovated other crucial components:




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