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VSD variable speed drive train

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The VSDs drive train: efficient and sustainable

When Atlas Copco introduced the variable speed drive (VSD) – and later improved on its technology with the VSD+ – it revolutionized the compressor industry. For the first time, compressors were able to match their motor speed to users’ fluctuating air demand. The result: unprecedented energy savings and reliability. Now, with the launch of the new VSDs, Atlas Copco is once again setting new standards in VSD performance.

How does variable speed drive (VSD) work?

IE5 motor in VSDS drive train by Atlas Copco

Key to this market-leading performance is of course the drive train, the powerful combination of the element and the motor, which has been completely re-engineered for the VSDsseries by the Atlas Copco R&D team.

The drive train consists of an element or air end powered by an IE5 motor. Atlas Copco VSD compressors have a rotary screw element, which features two twin rotors rotating in opposite directions, compressing the air between them.

The state-of-the-art VSDˢ employs a completely new element, developed in-house by Atlas Copco. Thanks to its patented optimized rotor profiles, the VSDˢ element and IE5 motor are capable of unparalleled efficiency.




  • Up to 60% more energy-efficient compared to fixed-speed units
  • Highly reliable and designed for IP66 protection from dust and dirt 
  • Longer lifespan

Your eco air compressor

Graph evolution IE motors in VSD variable speed drive trains - Atlas Copco

Graph evolution IE motors in VSD variable speed drive trains

The compressors of the VSDˢ series are the ideal choice for a generation demanding greener products and a world in which the fight against climate change is a top priority. Even better, Atlas Copco’s engineers accomplished to fit this element in the variable speed drive train while maintaining its vertical build and small footprint.

The commitment to creating a sustainable compressor also extends to the IE5 motor, also known as the ultra premium efficiency motor. For the first time ever in a compressor, the GA VSDˢ features a Ferrite-Assisted Synchronous Reluctance motor. Unlike traditional Interior Permanent Magnet motors, its rotor uses ferrite materials to help preserve precious resources.


Why is the VSDs better than other variable speed drives?

The VSDs is such an important development because it stretches so much further than a single update of the variable speed drive as you know it. Not only does the unique drive train make it more efficient and sustainable, our engineers also innovated other crucial components:


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