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PSA nitrogen generator

A reliable, cost-efficient supply of nitrogen with a guaranteed purity for a wide range applications.

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NGP+ 160-1300 PSA nitrogen generator: Premium N2 generator

NGP PSA nitrogen generator


Reliable and cost-efficient supply of nitrogen

Atlas Copco NGP and NGP⁺ PSA generators offer a cost-efficient, reliable and flexible solution for a wide range of nitrogen applications: 

  • Get the right N2 for your application, with a 95% -99.999% purity and a gas flow of up to 3,000 Nm3/h with a single generator.
  • Enjoy the lowest cost of ownership thanks to Atlas Copco’s advances in PSA design and performance, including low air consumption, optimized CMS utilization, extra low load savings, and standby mode.
  • Atlas Copco PSA generators are built to give you industry-leading reliability. Their in-house endurance-tested and qualified valves are just one example.
  • Installation and operation is easy. Purity and quality monitoring can be fully automated. 
  • Meet the quality and purity requirements of demanding applications such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, metal processing, electronics,…
  • Can easily be combined with a traditional purchased gas system (cylinders, dewars or liquid bulk nitrogen).
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly into a new or existing air system.

What is PSA nitrogen generation?

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology separates nitrogen from compressed air by adsorbing the oxygen in the air using Carbon Molecular Sieve material. Because this adsorbent will become saturated with O₂, the generator consists of two vessels. While one vessel produces nitrogen, the other regenerates its saturated CMS, rotating as needed.

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PSA Gas Generation | How does it work?

Benefits of on-site nitrogen generation

Tired of buying expensive cylinder or liquid nitrogen? An on-site generator is the cost-efficient, flexible solution:

  • Sharply reduces the cost per unit of nitrogen
  • Gives you the exact purity and amount of nitrogen your applications require
  • Saves space because there is no need to store bulky nitrogen containers
  • Removes logistics headaches (ordering, handling, storing purchased N2)
  • Improves safety by removing the workplace hazards of pressurized bottles or liquid gas
  • When combining onsite nitrogen generation with energy recovery options on the compressors, it allows you to self-produce truly green nitrogen

Discover the benefits of on-site gas generation in this video. 

6 benefits of on-site gas generation