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Selecting a VSD compressor

The challenge of choosing the best VSD compressor is a lot less daunting than it may seem, because there is really only one answer

16 September, 2022

Selecting a VSD compressor – The easy choice of going with the best

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Companies looking to produce compressed air more efficiently are almost always making the right choice by selecting a model with a variable speed drive (VSD). By adjusting their motor speed to the air demand, these compressors conserve a lot of energy, which saves their owners a bundle in the long run.

However, there are now quite a few manufacturers that offer VSD models, so how do you know which one to pick?

Fortunately, the challenge of choosing the best VSD compressor is a lot less daunting than it may seem, because there is really only one answer: You go to Atlas Copco. 

Atlas Copco: VSD pioneer and still miles ahead

VSD compressor benefits
Atlas Copco invented the variable speed drive and never relinquished its position as the technology leader. What does that mean specifically? It means that Atlas Copco has always been the market leader when it comes to the three most important attributes of VSD compressors: Efficiency, reliability and connectivity. Let’s take a closer look at each of these three attributes, why they matter and how Atlas Copco stands out.

1. Energy efficiency – The key to affordable compressed air

Gold standard of VSD compressors
Most customers who decide to purchase a variable speed drive compressor do so because of their low total cost of ownership. What that means is that, even though their initial price tag is likely higher than that of fixed-speed models, they are less expensive to own and operate over their lifetime. That’s because they consume much less energy – and because the money you spend on energy makes up the bulk of a compressor’s total cost of ownership. So if you have decided that a variable speed drive model is the right choice for you because of its high efficiency and low operating costs, why wouldn’t you go with the one that is the most efficient among VSD compressors? That’s right, you wouldn’t. And that is why Atlas Copco is the best choice. VSD compressors from Atlas Copco are the most efficient machines on the market. The latest innovation is a VSD+ model with an ingenious interior permanent magnet (iPM) motor that is even more efficient than first-generation compressors with variable speed drives. In absolute numbers, this means a VSD+ model can save 50% on average in energy costs compared to a fixed-speed compressor, and it is also noticeably more efficient than other variable speed drive compressors. A very beneficial secondary effect of this efficiency is that it lowers emissions and allows for a more sustainable production. As a result, a VSD compressor from Atlas Copco doesn’t just help your bottom line, it also helps the environment.

2. Reliability: increase your uptime with VSD compressors from Atlas Copco

A compressor you can count on
Another big factor in choosing a VSD compressor is reliability – because you can obviously only enjoy your energy savings if your compressor is running. Fixed-speed compressors are fairly simple machines. You turn them on and then they run at full speed until you turn them off. While that wastes a lot of energy (if your applications have a varying air demand), it’s not complicated. Variable speed drive compressors, on the other hand, are more sophisticated because they have to do a lot more than simply running and stopping. That also means that more can go wrong – especially if the quality of the design and compressor components is lacking. This is another area where Atlas Copco shines because nobody delivers high quality like the market leader. Its VSD compressors are built to function reliably even in the toughest conditions, such as ambient temperatures of up to 46°C. The electrical cubicle of the inverter, which is a crucial piece of technology for the efficiency of the compressor, can even withstand temperatures of up to 55°C. In addition, the latest Atlas Copco VSD compressors feature an IP66-rated drive train that keeps out dust and moisture. The result for you: A smooth operation, less maintenance and increased uptime.

3. Connectivity: Ahead of the competition from anywhere on earth

VSD compressor of tomorrow
Atlas Copco is not just ahead in terms of efficiency, quality and reliability but also connectivity. This is an area that is becoming increasingly important because it not only makes the compressor easier to operate but also increases both efficiency and reliability. Here is how: Atlas Copco’s VSD+ compressors come with a high-tech Elektronikon® Touch controller and the optional SMARTLINK monitoring system. In combination, they allow you to optimize your compressor from just about anywhere on Earth using only a computer or even a mobile device. That makes your compressed air production even more efficient (and greener).

In addition, the system anticipates potential issues and alerts you before they become problems, which further increases uptime.

Technology of the future

As the era of Industry 4.0 is now a reality rather than a distant future, Atlas Copco is a leader in the use of OPC UA communication technology in compressors. OPC UA is the common language that allows all of your equipment to “speak” with each other. Essentially, that means this technology ensures that your operation runs smoothly by making sure that every piece of equipment can effortlessly communicate with every other piece of equipment. Because your compressor is too important not to be part of your networked production, Atlas Copco has released its first range of OPC UA-enabled compressors

With all of these advantages, it is pretty obvious why the answer to the question of which VSD compressor you should choose has to be Atlas Copco – at least if you want to operate at the cutting edge and invest in a compressor with unparalleled efficiency, reliability and connectivity.

If you want to find out more about the efficiency, reliability and connectivity of VSD compressors from Atlas Copco, just follow the links. And if you are ready to take the next step toward efficient and reliable compressed air generation that is unrivaled on the market, contact us now.

VSD stands for variable speed drive. Hidden behind these letters is (inverter) technology that automatically adjusts the compressor’s motor speed to the compressed air demand in real time. This often saves a lot of energy and money. Find out in this e-book how a VSD can work for you.


Would you like to discuss the ideal solution for your business? Get in touch with one of our experts, who will be happy to help you!

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Selecting a VSD compressor

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