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Is your Electricity Bill too high?

Lower your energy costs and increase the overall efficiency by getting a free premium energy audit from Atlas Copco. Act fast to reduce energy costs.

Energy assessment and recommendations through data logging (iiTrak)

An assessment (power audit) of your complete air compression system could cost you up to ₹ 25,000 - ₹ 50,000. Not to mention your valuable time and resources. But we’re willing to do this for FREE for the first few registrants every month as part of our continuing commitment to reduce your energy cost.

Take advantage of our energy audit

Compressed air, which accounts on average for 12% of industrial electricity usage, and as much as 40% in some cases, therefore offers scope for significant energy savings.


Learn all about Life Cycle Cost calculation: initial investment, energy cost and maintenance cost


Companies may be reluctant to perform an air audit due to costs associated with such services, but the final outcomes can far outweigh the initial investment. Selecting the right size of the air compressor for your workload is the first step.

Whatever air compressor you end up purchasing, make sure that the power requirement for every part that belongs to the unit is accurately accounted for and factored into your calculations.

Our energy audit will allow you to:

The real-time current measurement study will help you to optimize your compressed air usage by avoiding power losses and increasing efficiency. The decisions backed by a scientific-fact-based approach will always save you from various risks and potential energy losses.

  • Get a fully customized report with recommendations on ways to save energy 
  • Optimize your compressed air system 
  • Reduce energy costs by eliminating wasteful practices, leaks, artificial demand and inappropriate use

The benefits from our energy audit do not end with lowering energy costs but also improving the overall efficiency of your production and positively affecting the bottom line.

How does a compressed air power audit work?

iitrack - AIRchitect - energy measurement

The energy audit could be conducted onsite with a data logger device without any disruption to your production. The study is conducted by measuring real-time current consumption of the air compressor by certain assumptions and parameters. This power audit will not disrupt your facility’s operations but rather is performed while the equipment is running. After setting up, the data logger device is left to operate for a one-week period and has three major steps.


  1. Real-time current measurement (ii-trak measurement)
  2. Simulation and assessment
  3. Report and recommendations

The results of this study give you an opportunity to explore more efficient options before making a capital purchase. This audit will also help you to achieve your power savings goals and carbon footprint reduction, thus reducing the environmental impact of its operations.

We also offer an offline (remote) audit of your air compressor which is based on your compressor data. Our team will contact you to collect the data and the report will be shared accordingly.

Remember: A simple audit of your air compressor will directly lead to cost savings!

Is your Electricity Bill too high?

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