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GA VSDs: redefining ‘cutting-edge'

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The GA VSDˢ – Atlas Copco’s revolutionary air compressor

The GA VSDs is the third generation of Atlas Copco variable speed drive (VSD) compressors. This next-gen air compressor helps you lead your company into the future with the latest technological advancements.

What makes the VSDs such a revolutionary air compressor?

working principle of the GA VSDS air compressor - Atlas Copco

Developed by Atlas Copco, VSD compressors significantly reduce energy use by adjusting their motor speed to the fluctuations in compressed air demand. Their introduction marked a sea change in the compressed air industry.


When Atlas Copco pioneered the technology, a first-generation VSD compressor achieved energy savings of 35% on average compared to a fixed-speed compressor. That number increased to 50% when the VSD+ was launched. 


Now, with many original components developed in-house, the GA VSDs offers energy savings up to 60%, making it the most efficient compressor on the market once again.

Why is the VSDs air compressor the best choice?

Sustainability and efficiency were the guiding principles in the development of the GA VSDs innovative features and unprecedented efficiency:

  • An all-new element with optimized rotor profiles for a powerful performance. It is oil-cooled for maximum efficiency.
  • The Ferrite-Assisted Synchronous Reluctance motor does not contain rare earth materials to help preserve precious resources
  • The entire drive train equals IE5 standards for superior energy efficiency and is IP54-protected from dust and dirt.
  • The innovative Smart Temperature Control (STC) system ensures that the compressor operates with an optimal oil temperature at all times to eliminate the risk of condensation and ensure maximum compression efficiency.
  • Intelligent drains that ensure the automatic removal of condensate to minimize loss of compressed air. They also track drain cycles and maintenance schedules, and detect potential issues.  
  • The Neos Next inverter, which manages the motor and the VSD fan of the compressor, as well as the STC valve and the intelligent drains. It combines the functionality of an entire electrical cubicle in one compact unit.
  • A variable speed fan (ERP2020 compliant) that reduces cooling needs while minimizing vibrations and noise.
  • An inlet filter developed especially for the GA VSDˢ that provides enhanced filtration efficiency while minimizing pressure drop.

Next-gen innovative features

GA VSDS compressor’s innovative user interface - Atlas Copco

The GA VSDs range also includes several innovative features, such as the Boost Flow Mode, which allows the compressors to temporarily and safely exceed their maximum capacity. In other words, they provide that little bit of extra power when it is needed the most to prevent costly production shutdowns.


Furthermore, the GA VSDs range offers advanced connectivity options, such as integrated EQ2i multiple compressor control integrated as standard, SMARTLINK remote monitoring and analysis, and OPC UA integration for connected production environments.


The perfect eco air compressor

Sustainability was a guiding principle in the development of the GA VSDs that goes way beyond the reduced energy consumption - and therefore the small carbon footprint:

  • Minimizing the number of components, meaning fewer materials are needed to produce the compressor
  • The VSDs range is built with sustainable materials, making it more eco-friendly to process
  • The first compressor to feature a ferrite-assisted synchronous reluctance motor that does not rely on rare earth metals, making it more eco-friendly to run