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Hristina Yanakieva uses her ability to combine technical knowledge with sales skills to act as primary contact for compressor’s aftermarket care. She has more than 10 years of experience with air compressor service and sales. With a background in Technical engineering, she is currently working as a Service Sales Engineer in Atlas Copco’s technical department within the Industrial Air division in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Learn more about her experiences on the job and her views on diversity in the company.

Our focus for diversity and integration is constant and of course, we wanted to understand this through Hristina’s perspective:  “As a female employee I feel respected and satisfied that my employer pus thoughts and resources in providing an equal chance for women with qualities and knowledge to prove themselves in our working environment.”

Work & Life Balance from a feminine perspective For sure, the balance between professional and personal life sets the success in any activity. Here we show how Hristina manages to keep this needed balance: “Sometimes it's not easy :) I have 10Y old daughter who still needs her mother's daily care. And while it is challenging for me it is exactly those shared moments and experiences with her that help me go through the working life challenges. The key to balance for me is always to secure that I’ll have some time to spend with my kid whatever the circumstances are.” What does it actually feel like being a female in a male-dominated industry? We were glad to understand how Hristina is feeling in our so-called “male-dominated” industry: “I am proud that Atlas Copco is committed to increasing the presence of women in our business. The fact that our voice can be heard, and women employers receive visibility with such initiatives is a big thing for me. It’s also an honor and privilege for me to represent all Atlas Copco’s females employees. For me, diversity means an equal chance for everyone to prove their qualities and capabilities without being judged based on their gender, race, religion, or political views. Also, it is an opportunity for the company to build strong teams where every member can add something different and beneficial.

Men's Perception and Attitude towards females in STEM

Being in daily contact with Service Technicians and Customers of the Industrial area what Hristina finds exciting that cheers her-up is that every day is different and she’s learning something new. She really likes to communicate with the service technicians and customers, find the best solutions for customers, and find new market opportunities. She is proud that she can overcome very quickly and successfully represent her knowledge and match the counterparty needs, once she has been underestimated due to her sex.

Carrier challenges and maternity rights

The biggest challenge nowadays is meeting the expectations for our business performance while at the same time living through a global pandemic that is not seen in a hundred years, shared Hristina.

Being already a mother, she knows how challenging and full of troubles could be the first steps. So, knowing that your employer is backing you up and is thinking about you is a real relief and makes you feel more secure.