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Xc2003 - Controller for the versatility range of compressors

Buy one compressor, get multiple

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PACE technology

Change the pressure of your Atlas Copco mobile air compressor with the touch of a button. Thanks to PACE technology ("pressure adjusted through cognitive electronics) , one compressor can tackle multiple applications. And there are more advantages: such as additional flow at a lower pressure setting and fuel savings.


One compressor, multiple applications

The Xc2003 controller is the secret behind our “versatility range”. These compressors can work on various pressure settings, thanks to the built-in PACE technology. One compressor can power handheld tools at 7 bar, deliver 10 bar for sandblasting or 14 bar for cable blowing.

Learn more about PACE

Full diagnostics

The Xc2003 also holds more parameters that help you get the most out of your compressor. Full diagnostics, insight into your compressor’s utilization and information about planned maintenance. It’s all there.

Intuitive interface

The Xc2003 has been around the longest from all our controllers. And for good reason, users find it intuitive and reliable. The controller is also indestructible, even in the harshest conditions.

ECO-mode for fuel savings

How often is your compressor idling about? Because you need to change or move tools and every time you take a break. At the times you have no air demand, a regular compressor keeps running... and consuming fuel. ECO-mode will automatically let your compressor to go into unload mode, slowly lowering the pressure and the engine speed. If you prefer, the engine can even shut down completely. The result? Fuel savings of 50%, during idling time. This adds up, especially if you own a large air compressor.

Learn more about ECO-mode

Xc2003 - controller for the versatility range (7-16.6 m³/min / 200-600 cfm)

  • Warnings (e.g. low fuel level) to keep your up and running
  • Shuts down your compressor in case of emergency. The Xc2003 helps to protect your investment.
  • ECO-mode for fuel savings
  • IP65 rating
  • In-house design
  • Fleetlink telematics available as an option