Diesel versus electric compressors

How to select which technology is the right fit for you?

Diesel or electric compressors, which technology is the best fit for you?

The decision between choosing an electric motor or diesel engine to power a portable air compressor has been brought into sharp focus by the latest developments in the road vehicle industry. 

For instance, both the UK and French governments have proposed to ban the sale of all new diesel and petrol driven cars by 2040 in a bid to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles; and thereby protect public health and that of the planet.

Opponents of this measure argue against the strategy on the basis  of current battery technology limitations and the possibility that the extra power demand for vehicle recharging would add an unsupportable nationwide increase of around 30 gigawatts to the National Grid’s current peak of 61 gigawatts.

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It's clear there is a transition from diesel to electric engines in several applications. Mobile compressors are not different. Atlas Copco has a full range of electric driven compressor available, in addition to a complete range of diesel driven compressors. But how to select which technology is a fit for your needs?

Hendrik Timmermans , VP Marketing Portable Air Division
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diesel versus electric compressors


As low as 65bD(A), power your tools with a compressor that works as silent as a normal conversation

No diesel emissions

Thanks to the permanent magnet eletrical motor

Access to the grid

Thanks to the permanent magnet eletrical motor

Diesel versus electric compressors

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