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4 ways to error-proof the assembly process

5 minut(er) att läsa Juli 22, 2021

Not much can feel more distressing than a mistake made on your assembly line; they’re costly, and they drain precious time being productive as you work to correct the error and make sure it does not repeat itself.

As part of Atlas Copco’s Quality Integrated Fastening (QIF) concept, complete error proofing stations can be built on your assembly line by using a combination of the advanced fastening tools offered by Atlas Copco alongside a variety of hardware and software components. Stations are totally customizable, but they have two main things in common: raising productivity and ensuring products being produced on your assembly line are quality and error-free every time.

The unmatched power of the Power Focus 6000

Atlas Copco’s newest addition to the Power Focus line is the Power Focus 6000, a fastening controller that takes error proofing to the next level. Controlling up to six tools simultaneously (both handheld and fixtured), the torque controller makes programming easy while it guides operators through the complex assembly process, steering clear of human errors.

Error proofing is made simple using the Power Focus 6000. At the heart of every Power Focus 6000 lies the Virtual Station. The Virtual Station contains all information regarding your specific assembly process, giving operators a complete overview of what’s happening behind the scenes of production. Tool, communication and accessory control all live within the Virtual Station, which ensures that your fastening tools are performing just how they need to be. What’s more: additional Virtual Stations and additional functions can be added to your Power Focus 6000, meaning that manufacturing engineers have the flexibility to customize the level of error proofing needed for their assembly process.

Added programming software: ToolsTalk 2

The updated and improved ToolsTalk 2 programming software makes error proofing with the Power Focus 6000 even easier to manage on your assembly line. Engineers can organize all Power Focus 6000 controllers logically to resemble the physical layout of their plant using the Plant Structure feature on ToolsTalk 2. This overview of the plant floor means quickly finding controllers that need an update and ensuring that everything on the floor is running just how it should be.

In addition, Tools Talk 2 uses user authentication, meaning that operators have full traceability of any changes made to their controllers or programs. Rest assured knowing that approved users are the only ones that can make changes to your programs. Should the need arise, engineers can see a log of every change made, who made it, and even have the ability to roll back to a previous state.

Added data collection software: ToolsNet 8

ToolsNet 8 used alongside the Power Focus 6000 is another component that makes error-proofing the assembly process that much simpler. This data collection software is reliable and intuitive and is programmed for full traceability, statistical analysis, root cause analysis, and proactivity to defect scenarios within your production environment. Using ToolsNet 8 with the Power Focus 6000 controller ensures engineers that their plant is producing quality products.

Added error proofing software: SQS3

The Scalable Quality Solution 3 (SQS3) is a software solution that was designed for one thing: improving quality on your assembly line. With the ability to connect up to 10 stations, SQS3 reduces defects on the production line with its step-by-step visual operator guidance.

SQS3 is built with a part verification and documentation feature, which identifies serial numbers and product IDs and ensures that the correct parts are being used to build a specific product, lowering your plant’s rate of scrap. SQS3’s ability to connect to additional SQS stations, even those with different product variations, makes it an ideal software for rework areas and backup stations.

Used alongside the Power Focus 6000, SQS3 can validate the entire build sequence from beginning to end, avoiding errors and greatly improving the build quality.  

Error-proofing made easy

Mistakes made on the assembly line can be a massive blow to your production and to your plant. That’s why we believe at Atlas Copco that supplying controllers, programming tools and software that rid our customers’ plants of errors is of utmost importance. Our Power Focus 6000 was built to, among other things, bring operators the peace of mind that they deserve when it comes to their plant. When used in collaboration with ToolsTalk 2 and ToolsNet 8 and SQS3, error proofing is brought to an entirely new level.

For even more information about error proofing your assembly process, contact us and schedule a demo today.

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