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The Transformation from the Power Focus 4000 to the Power Focus 6000

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Major changes to workstations, facilities, and routines are hard, and Atlas Copco knows that. Transitioning from one tightening controller that’s been around for decades to a brand-new one, full of system upgrades and unfamiliar features, might feel entirely inconvenient. We understand and are here to help you along the way.

Atlas Copco’s Power Focus 6000 is worth the adjustment. Overcoming the challenges of transitioning will be a small blip on the radar after witnessing your newly installed controller take productivity, ergonomics and quality to the next level.

A brief history of the Power Focus series

Released back in the early 2000s, our Power Focus 4000 was, at the time, everything one needed in a tightening controller. Things have changed. We don’t need to tell you that, though. In almost twenty years, advances in technology have made the world an entirely different playing field. This is why we phased-out the Power Focus 4000 in July of 2019. The world’s major shift toward wireless freedom, environmental responsibility and smaller, more convenient controller infrastructures brought the Power Focus 6000 to life in 2015. Five years later, the Power Focus is one of the most powerful tightening controllers on the market.

Power Focus 6000 card wide

Improvements and new features

The physical hardware of the PF6000 is smaller and lighter than ever before. With a 7” touch screen and the ability for operators to monitor and program remotely through the controller’s Web HMI capability, additional software and hardware replacements are no longer needed. The controller is intuitive and future-proof, meaning that it was developed to keep pace with the ever-changing digital world around us.

Up to six tools can now connect to the PF6000 at once. What’s more, many of the fastening tools that have full integration capabilities with the PF6000 are the Atlas Copco tools that you already know and love. With a new Virtual Stations feature, every connected tool has its own virtual controller that can be easily accessed from overlying systems, cutting down on cable management and excess hardware components. A new Functionality Management System (FMS) gives you the ability to scale your solution. Let’s say you’d rather start small with a one controller to one tool ratio. We can do that. If, down the road, you decide to broaden the ratio of connected tools, we can do that too.

The controller also comes with hundreds of new features developed to boost the productivity and quality of your production line. The Open Protocol feature facilitates communication between the controller and external parties in your production processes. A new tightening strategy called Turbo Tight increases tightening speed and ergonomics while reducing cycle time and reaction force. All PF6000 data is stored through the Intelligent Application Module (IAM). Should you need old data or firmware, it can easily be transferred to other controllers by removing and inserting the IAM.

Power Focus 6000 card

Resources to guide you through the transition

Atlas Copco is on your side while you transition from the PF4000 to the PF6000, and we’ll be there long after the switch has been completed. We have a handful of helpful materials and resources to make things easier on you and your facility. Check out this transition guide we created to simplify the process. On our YouTube channel, Atlas Copco’s Product Essential series goes through a wide variety of topics all relating to the PF6000. Other resources available include unparalleled support and trainings available online, and our Expert Hub, full of on-demand webinars, live Q&As, and articles to help you along the way.

For further insight, be sure to view our Transition from PF4000 to the PF6000 webinar, led by our very own product experts Ben Hanawalt and Brittany Samsa.

For more information on Atlas Copco’s Power Focus 6000, or to schedule an in-person or remote demo, contact us today.

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