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ToolsNet 8 Product Essential Series

3 minut(er) att läsa

ToolsNet 8 is a data collection software that can be tailored to specific needs, based on a reliable production data collection and aimed to provide simple production analysis. ToolsNet can monitor incoming data and alert when programs are out of statistical control, operations with too many faults, and tool events related to hardware issues. Tune in today.

Welcome to the ToolsNet 8 Product Essential Series! Here, tune in as Product Specialist Robert Kaye covers all things related to Atlas Copco's data collection software, ToolsNet 8. In this series, Robert will discuss connecting controllers to the software, customizing data reports, setting up notifications in ToolsNet 8, and much more. 

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How to run reports

In this video, Robert demonstrates to viewers the process of running reports in ToolsNet 8. Running a report is a straightforward process to simplify finding and creating reports by organizing controllers and tools in locations and lines. Tune in to learn more.


How to connect controllers

Watch now as Robert discusses the steps involved in connecting controllers to ToolsNet 8. Robert notes that the controller needs to be connected to the plant network, and he recommends working with your company’s IT department to allow the controllers to talk to the ToolsNet 8 server. Ports depend on the protocol supported by the controller in use. 


How to customize a report

Here, Robert will cover the steps of creating custom reports in ToolsTalk 2. If users find themselves frequently running reports with specific criteria, there is now a feature that allows for saving customized, tailored reports as bookmarks for easy access at later times. Watch the video to learn more about this efficiency-increasing feature.


How to set up notifications

In this video, Robert will cover the process of enabling notifications in ToolsNet 8. ToolsNet 8 can monitor incoming data and send alerts when programs are out of statistical control, when operations have too many faults, and when there are hardware issues related to connected tools. Tune in to find out more about notifications in ToolsNet 8.


Statistical analysis feature

Tune in as Robert covers the statistical analysis feature on ToolsNet 8. In the Statistics Center, users will find statistical evaluations of assembly processes. The statistical analysis feature allows users to compare two programs (of a left and right application or two versions of the same program) to monitor performance after updated program parameters. Watch this video to learn more.


How to set up box analysis

Viewers will learn how to set up box analysis in ToolsNet 8 in this video. The box analysis feature helps users identify false OK fastenings with new program limits. This feature can help save money by letting operators know exactly which products are affected, therefore reducing containment or recall costs.

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