Atlas Copco Rental supports Surface Treatment of Railway Bridges

19 sep 2018

Both located in Finland, the Kraaselinsalmi railway bridge (Kemi) and the Ounaskoski railway bridge (Rovaniemi) are being recoated. The work is being carried out by FSP Finnish Steel Painting, one of the biggest companies in Europe to offer industrial surface treatment services. Atlas Copco Rental is assisting with the supply of compressed air on-site.

The stages of the job follow the same pattern throughout the whole project.

PTS 800 Compressor
  • The first stage includes constructing scaffolding in the area that needs to be treated. The entirety of the area in question is covered with a hood. This is applied as tightly as possible to minimize the damage incurred during blasting and painting. “Thanks to the tight hood, residual sand created during the blasting process can be recovered and properly delivered to a waste recycling center” says Henri Kiminki, FSP Business Unit Manager. 
  • Once the construction of the scaffolding is complete, the bridge is washed to remove salts and other impurities before the blasting process. 
  • After sandblasting, the bridge is painted with four coats of paint. This ensures long-lasting, durable corrosion protection as well as an attractive appearance.

We have been using Atlas Copco Rental since they started renting equipment in the year 2007. We have been particularly satisfied with the reliability of the equipment, quick delivery times and professional staff. I wholeheartedly recommend Atlas Copco Rental to anyone looking to rent equipment, especially due to the company's level of flexibility and low operational costs.

Henri Kiminki , FSP Business Unit Manager

The PTS 800 compressor provides 100% oil-free air in compliance with the Class 0 standard, which means it is suitable for a variety of applications. The machine is designed to provide air flows of up to 22.5 m3/min without sacrificing air quality and is capable of creating flows to suit any kind of industrial application, while providing optimum efficiency in the process.

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