More steam? Here comes the Atlas Copco Rental Team!

16 jul 2020

Our customer, DOW Chemical Ibérica needed a temporary substitution of steam. Together with our European Steam Experts, the team in Spain designed a Total Solution that provided the necessary amount of steam.

Location, Location, Location

ChemMed Tarragona a major petrochemical, industrial, academic, logistical, and scientific cluster located on the Mediterranean coast in Catalonia. It accounts for 25% of Spain’s total chemical production. Our Customer, DOW Chemical Ibérica is located on the ChemMed Tarragona Cluster. Dow Chemical Ibérica is one of the European subsidiaries of The Dow Chemical Company. The latter is the third-largest chemical company in the world and the largest plastics. Due to supply issues of steam, DOW Chemical Ibérica required a substitution temporary steam production at their location. While we had a large footprint to work with, our team did however have to take into account that there is a constant coming and going of trucks. Our solution, on one hand virtually unlimited by space, needed to be both efficient, safe, and easily accessible but far enough away to not hinder on-site traffic. The Solution designed by our team was the following:
  • 3 x steam boiler
  • 1 x 200kW electrical superheater
  • 1 x steam dryer
  • 1 x steam silencer
  • 1 x large feedwater tank
  • 2 x light fuel oil tank (60m³ +20m³)
If you’re thinking “that sounds like a large setup” you are not mistaken.

You probably know what a steam boiler is, but the other things in that list might be less familiar. Here’s a brief explanation of some of the less obvious equipment. A “Superheater” converts saturated or wet steam into superheated or dry steam. Superheated steam is used in, for example, steam turbines or steam engines but also when steam network is large. The Steam Dryer is necessary to dry limit condensation as much as possible, to increase the efficiency of the Superheater. Last but not least, the Silencer, admittedly, is a little obvious. It enables us to commission the installation without perturbation on the customer steam network and reduces significantly the noise level of venting steam.

Although eventually the boilers were not started up, we met our costumer´s expectations on designing the requested unit to fulfill their needs, as well as supply and install the Total Solution in record time. A successful collaboration!  

Thank you all for the great support, work, and service we had from Atlas Copco in this difficult situation for Dow. You really met our needs and time targets even though in the end we did not have to start the boilers. I have no doubt that Atlas will be on our list for future urgent needs.

Rocio Corcoba , Polyethylene Improvement Manager at Dow

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