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Working with Tools

Discover what it's like working for Tools, a division of Atlas Copco headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

In addition to the belief that health and retirement benefits are an invaluable part of our overall compensation package, we also value the need for work-life balance. Truth is, work-life balance means something different to everyone, and it constantly evolves. Since where you choose to work is so highly personal, we've put many supports in place to ensure our employees always have tools to use as they grow within the company. Most of us spend our entire careers trying to find that perfect work-life balance. The balance and family culture you will find at Atlas Copco is like no other, take a look below for the reasons why we should be your first in mind, first in choice employer!

Flexible Time Off in Addition to Traditional Vacation Time

Our trusting and autonomous culture allows employees to take time off when they need it most with no need to bank time or worry about PTO availability, provided work objectives continue to be met. With a traditional PTO bank, concern about available time off could distract employees from what’s really important: their well-being.  Time away from the office to truly unplug is so vital to the wellbeing of our employees, which is why we also offer generous vacation time that allows new hires up to 15 days off in their first year and up to 14 paid holidays.

Enhanced Parental Leave

Our leave of absence policy includes 10-weeks of fully paid maternity leave for all birth mothers. Additionally, we offer 2 weeks paid paternity leave for all new fathers, including adoptive parents.  

Alternative Work Arrangements

Many employees tailor their work schedules. Arrangements are based on particular circumstances and can include telecommuting, compressed workweeks, part-time schedules, and putting in extra hours during busy seasons with reduced summer schedules.  We also have a work-from-home policy that allows many employees to work from home 1 day per workweek. 

Career Development Opportunities

At Atlas Copco, we believe that developing a competent and committed workforce is the only way to achieve our goals.  We embrace this in many ways, such as encouraging all employees to complete a minimum of 40 hours of job related training per year.  We also aim to have 85% of our managerial positions internally recruited and the only way to ensure great talent is available is to invest in development. We are proud of our global company and pride ourselves in the career advancement opportunities we offer to retain and advance future leaders.  

Dress for Your Day

Hugely popular, this recent addition to our work-life balance program makes denim optional any day of the week, based on your schedule. No client meetings? Break out your jeans — even if it’s not Friday.

Modern Facilities

There’s no reason why industrial assembly can’t be done in an environment that people want to work in!  That’s why we have climate-controlled facilities, a modern and collaborative office environment, and many fun-filled events that keep employees engaged and enjoying their workday. 

Giving Back

It’s important to recognize our pride in giving back to the communities that we do business.  In addition to local charities, we also support a global foundation called ‘Water for All’ that helps fund projects all around the world to combat the world water crisis.  We believe in creating a sustainable future for those around us. 

Health & Wellbeing Come First

We understand the importance of a healthy and engaged workforce.  That’s why we offer a comprehensive health and welfare program that puts wellness first.  With features like 100% coverage for in-network preventative care and free programs to help you quit tobacco and manage diabetes.  Our Telemedicine benefit allows employees to see a doctor from the comfort of their own home. Employees are eligible for health benefits on the first day of the month following their first day of employment. 

We offer a variety of voluntary benefits which includes additional insurance options such as Group Universal Life, Critical Illness Insurance, Accident Insurance and Pet Insurance.  Privacy benefits include legal and identify theft plan options as well.

Our Employee Assistance Program gives employees 5 free counseling sessions each year in additional to other confidential services to assist employees and their dependents manager everyday challenges. 

To help employees meet their fitness goals, we reimburse a percentage of athletic expenses and offer an annual wellness checkup reimbursement of $150 per employee and $100 per spouse. We also have many health-conscious programs, such as weekly fruit baskets and access to Weight Watchers programs at no cost to employees!

Financial Benefits

Atlas Copco cares about your retirement goals.  Which is why we offer a company contribution that starts at 3% to your 401k regardless if you contribute or not.  In addition to the automatic company contribution, Atlas Copco will match 50% of the first 6% you contribute to your 401k.  Employee eligibility begins 31 days following your first day of employment.

For those employees looking to go back to school, Atlas Copco offers Tuition Reimbursement for college course work, and the flexibility to complete the degree while working.

Atlas Copco knows you have strong network of professional contacts, which is why we pay for employee referrals!  The Employee Referral Program will pay you up to $1500 for a qualified hire! 

Hopefully this snapshot gives you some insight into what it’s like to work at Atlas Copco.  Achieving that perfect work-life balance is hard and where you choose to work is an important life decision. Atlas Copco hopes to assist employees in their journey and be the employer of choice anywhere that we do business!