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Product range

Oil-free turbo blowers ZB VSD⁺

Compressed air solutions between 0.3 and 1.4 bar(g)/ 4 and 20 psig

Turbo blower ZB VSD+

Key technical specifications

Capacity FAD l/s

556 gal/min - 3,038 gal/min

Capacity FAD

1,178 cfm - 6,533 cfm

Working pressure

4.4 psig - 20.3 psig
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What is turbo blower technology?

Energy consumption is the biggest operational cost for a blower. By choosing an energy-efficient compressed air technology, you can drastically reduce your operational costs. High speed turbo blowers are known for their highly efficient operation, resulting in low energy consumption and total cost of ownership. 

We offer you a broad range of ZB VSD⁺ turbo blowers so we can always provide the optimal solution for every application.



The benefits of our ZB VSD⁺ high speed turbo blowers

Our ZB VSD⁺ oil-free air turbo blowers, also known as centrifugal blowers, with frictionless direct drive are specifically designed for applications that require compressed air at low pressures. Our ZB VSD⁺ high speed turbo blowers are an ideal fit for the aeration applications on large wastewater treatment plants. Our highly efficient and reliable turbo blowers are designed to ensure you a low total cost of ownership. This often results in a payback of your investment over a short period of time. 

Superior efficiency

Our Variable Speed Drive (VSD) units, also known as variable frequency drive units, meet the needs of variable air demand. Applications such as aeration on large wastewater or sewage treatment plants will benefit from having a VSD. A VSD automatically adjust the air deliver to the demand, resulting in energy savings. 

The low vibration levels ensure a long lifetime of the components and a low noise level. Reducing noise pollution will help you improve your working environment. 

High-quality components, such as our permanent magnet motor, further ensure energy-efficient operation.

A complete turbo blower package
Our high speed turbo blowers are delivered as a plug and play package. All components necessary for operation are included in our offer. This will help you reduce installation costs and makes sure operation is possible upon arrival of your unit.  
Quality air
Our ZB VSD⁺ oil-free air centrifugal blowers are Class 0 certified. No oil is from our centrifugal blowers will be added to your production process, which helps you safeguard the quality of your end product.  
Optimize your turbo blower room

To further reduce the operational costs of your turbo air blower system we offer you multiple ways to monitor, control, and optimize the performance of your solution.  

Our Elektronikon® allows you to monitor and control the running conditions of each unit. When you’re dealing with multiple turbo blower units, an Optimizer 4.0 can help you optimize your complete installation, increasing the efficiency of your blower room. 

Our wide range of service plans further helps you to minimize downtime. With a worldwide service organization, there is always a service technician near you.


Technical specification

Technical Property Value

Capacity FAD l/s

556 gal/min - 3,038 gal/min

Capacity FAD

1,178 cfm - 6,533 cfm

Working pressure

4.4 psig - 20.3 psig

Installed motor power

134 HP - 335 HP

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