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Complete Compressed Air Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Start your engines! Atlas Copco helps drive the global automotive industry with our full portfolio of air compressor and air treatment products. From autobody shops to racing teams -our products are perfectly suited for your application.

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Extensive industry experience

For all your applications, you can rely on tailored air solutions that meet your industry standards and regulations. Our solutions are used by all industry leaders

Highly efficient

We provide you with compressors and air treatment solutions offering peace of mind. From concept to installation: we make the most efficient solution work for you

Global network

You can always rely on our colleagues wherever you are. We define a standard solution together tailored to your strict requirements. Delivery and services according to the same standards around the world

Silicone-Free Solutions for Automated Car Paint Lines

Highest quality standards apply for compressed air used in spray paint applications. We develop solutions with all major players in the industry to avoid paint defects and optimize efficiency.

Lower Costs for High-Quality Instrument Air

Because we can deliver compressors with matching air treatment solutions, we can reduce your operating cost. Our air treatment equipment is designed specifically to operate in most efficiently with our compressors, optimally using their waste heat and avoiding air losses for regeneration.

Carbon-Neutral Operations

Use excess heat from your compressor installations with our Energy Recovery solution.

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Hyundai optimizes energy efficiency in compressed air generation

How we improved the energy efficiency in compressed air generation, reduced 40 to 50% in maintenance costs, reached 0 breakdowns and reached a 100% reliability for the production of over 200.000 vehicles a year.


Paintspray application movie DuPont Belgium

Watercooled AQ compressor with an integrated refrigerant dryer


Saving energy for energy supplier Matrival

Matrival is one of the first companies to install the new Atlas Copco GA VSD+ compressor. A truly revolutionary machine, with an innovative vertical build and a very reliable permanent magnet motor. This compressor has a small footprint and guarantees energy efficiency.


Saving energy for automotive compressed air

We offer them the best possible energy savings. Learn how we were able to save our automotive customer around € 3 million per year.


Making Your Applications More Efficient!

  • Instrument air
    Compressed air for robots and pneumatic tools for assembling cars 
  • Pick and place
    Compressed air to generate vacuum without a need for decentralized equipment at your productionline 
  • Car spray painting 
    Compressed air for multiple layers of car paint. Silicone-free air for water-borne car paint 

Our solutions for the automotive industry

Oil-free air compressors

Oil-free air blowers

Oil-lubricated air compressors

Filters and Dryers

Nitrogen generators

Atlas Copco Products at Work

Pneumatic Processes

Compressed air is used for robots and pneumatic tools for assembling cars.

Pick and Place

Compressed air is used to generate a vacuum without a need for decentralized equipment at your production line.

Compressed air used for transport of raw materials/plastic, fabrication, moldings.

Car Spray Painting

Compressed air for multiple layers of car paint. Silicone-free air for water-borne car paint.

Laminating and Testing of Windshields

Compressed air is used to cut, transport, laminate and test the windshields for car manufacturers.

Wastewater Treatment

Compressed air is used to treat wastewater that is used during the production process in the automotive industry.

Electric car battery production


From Our Customers to You!

Read more about how Atlas Copco helps power the automotive industry throughout the United States.

Air Compressors for the Automotive Industry

Nitrogen Generators for the Automotive Industry

Air Treatment Products for the Automotive Industry

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