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Elektronikon Touch and Swipe Controllers

The new Elektronikon Touch and Elektronikon Swipe Controllers are more than controllers; they're the brain of your compressed air system! Our latest controllers have been enhanced with a fully touch screen controller that’s completely intuitive, can be monitored remotely, and puts control at your fingertips:

  • Remote monitoring via SMARTLINK
  • Multiple languages
  • Programmable schedules
  • LAN connectivity
  • Multiple compressor sequencing capability
  • Service history and planning
Want to learn more about controlling multiple compressors? Check out the Optimizer 4.0, which optimizes the operation of your compressed air and blower systems while prioritizing machines that have more efficient combinations.

Learn More About Remote Monitoring

Want to know the status of your compressed air system at all times? Meet SMARTLINK 24/7 remote monitoring! SMARTLINK collects operational data from your compressed air equipment and translates it into clear insights. Other benefits include:

  • Equipment alerts and recommendations sent directly to your computer or smartphone
  • Monitors critical components; warnings sent when they need to be replaced
  • Service timeline that shows machine service statis, calendar of service visits, and clear service reports

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