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AIRCUBE - Containerized compressor room

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A ready-to-go compressed air solution

Sometimes you don’t have the time or the space or the location for a built-in compressor room. The AIRCUBE is a complete compressed air system, built into a rugged shipping container. It reliably delivers top-quality air to even the most remote locations. When it arrives, all you have to do is plug it in and it’s ready to go.

Top-quality compressed air, where and when you need it

Do you want a new compressor room but lack the space in your production plant or don’t want to deal with the red tape of obtaining building permits?

Do you quickly need to expand your production and compressed air installation and/or need to get your production going right away?

Do you need a mobile, yet complete compressor room for your remote or off-the-grid job sites?

We have great news: Help is on the way!

Meet the AIRCUBE. Atlas Copco’s modular containerized compressor room supplies top-quality compressed air where and when you need it.

Equipment you know and trust

And it’s not just any compressor room … it’s an Atlas Copco compressor room that features only the premium products you know and trust. The AIRCUBE was built to the strictest industry and Atlas Copco standards to ensure you get the best reliability and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the business.

A modular solution

By choosing from a wide range of our compressors, dryers and other compressed air equipment, you can assemble the compressor room that best meets your needs.

Are you operating in extreme conditions? No worries. We can put together a container that can withstand temperatures from -50°C to +50°C.

Or are you looking to sharply reduce your energy consumption even as you increase your production? No problem. We’ll simply equip your system with our super-efficient variable speed drive compressors and dryers.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us right now so we can assemble your plug-and-play containerized compressor room and get you the high-quality compressed air that you need.

Do you want more information? Then read all about containerized compressor rooms here. Or check out a couple of examples of how Atlas Copco containers help resource-producing operations in the far corners of the globe or how they can help manufacturers keep up with a sudden increase in demand. 

And if you still have questions, simply reach out to one of our sales specialists who will be happy to assist you.

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