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Industry 4.0 - en

Everything is connected

Are you using valuable machine data to their full potential? With connectivity, you can take the efficiency of your production to a whole new level.

In the new reality of Industry 4.0, machines offer in-depth information on their performance. From standalone units with individual follow-up requirements, they have evolved into fully integrated building blocks of your smart factory.

Our compressed air equipment comes with a range of connectivity solutions, tailored to your preferences and needs.

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Why do you wish to connect?

Get all the benefits from our expertise and world-class support with SMARTLINK. Efficient service planning and parts handling ensure a timely and worry-free maintenance experience. Pro-active awareness about machine events and tailored recommendations to optimize your compressed air installation give you improved uptime and allow you to focus on your core processes. SMARTLINK provides you with smart suggestions to optimizing your energy efficiency, supporting you to keep sustainability commitments.

Want all SMARTLINK insights in the palm of your hand?
Get the SMARTLINK app from the app store!

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Pick & choose your SMARTLINK level

Make sure your machines are in good shape and stay that way! SMARTLINK tracks the vital signs of your compressed air equipment on a weekly basis and makes them available to you, anywhere, anytime.

To keep up their performance, it is key to give your machines on-time service. The SMARTLINK service timeline shows you the service needs of every machine, planned visits and a clear overview of all historic service reports.

What’s included

Are your compressors up and running as they should? A quick glance at the SMARTLINK dashboard will tell you. With SMARTLINK UPTIME, data will be uploaded every 5 minutes, so you’re never out of tune.

If an issue comes up, SMARTLINK prompts you to take action immediately via custom notifications. An early response is the best way to avoid unexpected downtime! If you have a TotalCare or Total Responsibility Service Plan, Atlas Copco will even proactively fix the problem for you.

What’s included

SMARTLINK ENERGY offers easy follow-up of the energy consumption of your compressed air installation. Get a quick overview on the dashboard or dig deeper into customized reports.

Uniquely based on the actual working conditions of your machines, the Energy recommendations present real opportunities to improve the efficiency of your air system.

What’s included

SMARTLINK – Discover the extra features

Troubleshooting 4.0 [Remote Diagnostics]

This option enables us to spot and fix any deviations at an early stage. Based on smart algorithms and our expert analysis, proactive troubleshooting keeps your compressors in prime condition and energy efficiency at its top level.

Critical component monitoring [SPM]

Integrated Bearing Condition Monitoring keeps an eye on critical components and warns you when they need to be replaced. Avoid a disruption of your production and get maximum equipment lifetime.

More reasons to choose SMARTLINK

Save up to 30%

As 70% of the cost of your compressed air system is spent on energy, improving energy efficiency is a major cost saver.

Increase uptime with 3%

SMARTLINK enables us to offer you a service contract with a Performance Guarantee, giving you a guaranteed uptime percentage.

Connecting other brands

SMARTLINK is not limited to Atlas Copco equipment. Other brands can be connected as well!

For the little ones

To keep an eye on your smallest compressor models, the SMARTLINK clamp transmits basic running data

Do you want the full details of your compressed air system, presented in a convenient interface? Do you wish these insights to remain within your company network?

That’s exactly what SMARTVIEW has to offer. Learn More
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Is your factory equipped with a central control system, and are you looking for an easy way to hook up your compressed air system?

In that case, SMART2SCADA is the perfect fit. Learn More
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