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Build Your Own Equipment

Getting a quote for your equipment has never been easier! We've built a series of interactive quizzes that allow you to spec your equipment in 2 minutes flat. Answer 10 questions and click submit - it's as easy as that!

GA VSDs oil-injected screw compressor coverimage
Build Your Air Compressor
Looking to get a quote on an industrial air compressor? You're in the right spot. By answering 8 simple questions, we will be able to let you know what options are available and the price points you would be looking at for a new machine. What are you waiting for? Your new compressor awaits!

Start Building Your Compressor Now!
Nitrogen generator NGP 450 +, oil-free screw compressor ZR 122 VSD FF, N2, PSA
Build Your Nitrogen Generator
Is your business feeling the impact of the gas shortages? If you're using delivered nitrogen or oxygen, the answer is most likely yes. Taking control means production on your own terms, delivery of gas when you need it, and purity levels to match your application. Build Your Nitrogen Generator Now!
ZS 5
Build Your Industrial or Aeration Blower
Looking to get a quote on a blower system for your application? We have a blower technology for every application and budget, so it's time to find your perfect partner! No matter your industry or application, we have the right blower for you.

Time to Build Your Blower
TCX 90A chiller 3D setup installation
Build Your Industrial Chiller
It's getting chilly in here! Meet our industrial chillers, which are specially-designed for cooling water (or a mixture of water and glycol) for a wide range of industrial processes, including plastics and printing. Time to get a quote for your industrial cooling equipment! Build Your Industrial Chiller