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Oil-Injected Air Compressors

Our wide range of oil-injected air compressors provides you and your business with industry-leading compressor technologies, including those with Variable Speed Drive (VSD).

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Industrial >30 Horsepower Air Compressors

A Wide Range of Technologies and Configurations. Oil-injected air compressors, commonly referred to as oil-lubricated compressors, are the cornerstone of the compressor industry. These compressors power an enormous variety of applications and processes, including general manufacturing, automotive, and oil and gas. Our oil-injected ranges include both piston and rotary screw technologies, with the option to include Variable Speed Drive (VSD). Not sure which compressor will suit your process best? No worries - We make it our top priority to take your needs and concerns in mind, and will walk you through which compressor may work best - and why.

Compressed Air: The Invisible Giant. Compressed air is everywhere - you simply don't see it! Air compressors are the silent partner to every industry imaginable, helping to create each product that you see, touch, and purchase. Sitting in the dentist's chair? The cleaning tools are powered by air compressors! Riding a rollercoaster? Powered by compressed air! Eating food or drinking wine? You guessed it - it's at your table thanks to compressors! Compressed air is truly the invisible giant.

Trust Atlas Copco. We've Been Around for a While. When you select Atlas Copco as your compressed air provider, you're following in the footsteps of thousands of other businesses across the globe. We're a manufacturer that has been at the forefront of compressor development for over 100 years. Leverage these years of experience and technology innovations - go with Atlas Copco.

It's Alphabet Soup! What Do Our Compressor Names Mean?< When browsing through the list of our compressors, you might wonder what our compressor names actually indicate. A brief overview can be found below:

  • G & GX Series. Oil-injected rotary screw compressors that are available as floor-mounted or tank-mounted options, and are available with or without an integrated dryer. These are powerful industrial compressors that are ideal for small businesses.
  • GA & GA VSD+ Series. Industrial rotary screw compressors that include internal piping, coolers, motor, lubrication and control system – all supplied as a ready-to-use package. Plug and run!
  • GR Series. Two-stage rotary screw air compressor ideal for the harshest of working conditions, including in the mining and power generation industries.

Looking for 0-30 horsepower air compressors? Find those here.

Without air, our test lab can’t run. We use continuous flow air in most of our testing, so we have to maintain constant pressure and we have to have reliable compressors for that.

Paul Simms , Corporate Director of Testing & Measurement Systems, Accuride Corporation

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We Feel the Need - The Need for (Variable) Speed!

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If a day, or week, in your facility is anything like a racetrack – you need to adjust your compressor's speed to be efficient and succeed in your goals. That’s where VSD, or Variable Speed Drive, comes in!

In most industrial operations, the demand for compressed air fluctuates. A variable speed drive air compressor automatically adjusts the compressor’s operating speed to match this demand in real-time, which can save you up to 50% on energy. Turn that percentage into dollars, and you’re looking at some serious cost savings.

Learn More About the Need for (Variable) Speed!

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Introducing the New G 90-250(VSD) Range

The new G 90-250 (VSD) range is part of the acclaimed Atlas Copco oil-injected family of air compressors. The new G range provides a reliable, efficient and simple to operate compressor package.

This is a tremendous new product for customers, especially those who need to balance their capital expenditure while still focusing on efficiency.

Neal Mukherjee , Vice President, USA OFA Division

GA VSD+ Range - The Most Innovative 125-200HP Compressors of the Last Decade.