Oil-Injected Air Compressors

Atlas Copco has an air compressor tailored to fit your needs, no matter the application.

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The New GA 90+ - 160 VSD+ Range is Here!

A Simplified Search for the Perfect Oil-Injected Air Compressor.

The search for an oil-injected compressor fitting your specific needs and applications can be difficult. Let our experts help!

How Does an Oil-Injected Air Compressor Work?

Wondering exactly how Atlas Copco oil-injected air compressor technology works? Check out a few of our video resources for some answers.

Oil-Injected Air Compressors - Applications in Action!

If you'd like to see how Atlas Copco oil-injected compressors are used in specific business applications, take a look through some of our customer stories below.


Interested in Learning More?

Did the above strike an interest in our oil-injected product ranges? Perfect! Search through our Oil-Injected Compressor Blog and catch up a few of the professional articles we've recently published concerning our oil-injected products.

We Do More.

Atlas Copco offers a very wide range of compressed air, blower, nitrogen generators, vacuum pump, and air treatment solutions. Explore some of these options below.