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Biogas Production

Atlas Copco's compressed air and gas solutions are the ideal fit
for applications within the biogas production industry.

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Biogas Production and Applications

Helping Turn Waste into Green Energy

Waste - Waste Everywhere! Did you know that according to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI), the United States produces over than 70 million tons of organic waste annually? That's a lot of waste! Keep in mind that organic waste doesn't only include food waste, but also items like wastewater, agricultural and livestock wastes, and inedible food waste. Upon decomposing, the organic wastes will produce methane, a greenhouse gas that is more effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide. 

That's Where Biogas Production Comes In. Biogas is a renewable form of energy that's created when organic waste is collected, cleaned, and compressed. Not only does biogas production assist in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, but its potential as a green energy source contains much untapped potential.

Atlas Copco Provides Biogas Production Solutions.  We offer multiple industrial solutions in the biogas field. Our solutions not only reduce your environmental impact due to low CO2 emissions, but deliver outstanding efficiency, quality, and service. These solutions include:

Biogas Production and Biogas Applications
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