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ogp+ series

OGP+ 3-30 PSA oxygen generator

On-site oxygen generation with best-in-class benefits

Thanks to its revolutionary engineering, the OGP+ delivers oxygen generation performance and efficiency unrivalled on the market. The plug-and-play OGP+ allows you to choose the correct purity level for your application with the touch of a button. As a result, you enjoy the freedom, continuity and reliability of on-site generation at a much lower cost per unit of O2.

 OGP+ 3-30 PSA oxygen generator

Key technical specifications

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OGP+ 3-30
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The OGP+ , taking on-site oxygen generation to the next level

The OGP+ from Atlas Copco presents a milestone in on-site oxygen generation. It does not just raise the bar in one category, it is setting new standards in all of them.

Putting the “plus” in OGP+

The OGP+ was designed and built to deliver best-in-class performance:

  • Comes complete with O2 sensor, digital flow meter and pressure regulator as standard.
  • Advanced controller with large HD color touchscreen with easy oxygen purity selection, purity alerts and outstanding connectivity options.
  • Automated, 24/7 feed air and oxygen monitoring and interception.
  • Small footprint thanks to an approval-friendly aluminum extrusions and best-in-class usage of zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS) material. 

Benefits of the OGP+ on-site oxygen generator

30% more efficient
70% extra energy savings

PDp+ O2: Quality filtration included

Atlas Copco can take complete ownership of your O2 generation system, including the required filtration. Our PDp+ O2 filters protect the integrity and safety of your oxygen output, removing dust particulates as small as 0.01 micron. The range also includes the PDp+ O2 MS medical sterile/anti-bacterial version.

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Technical benefits

Outstanding reliability
You will receive a continuous supply of oxygen at a guaranteed purity. Did you know that the OGP+ can be combined with a cylinder or bulk gas supply system?
Unrivaled efficiency and cost savings
The new OGP+ offers double-digit reductions in the total cost per unit of oxygen.
Easy & automated operation
A new controller makes the operation of the OGP+ even easier. You can set your correct oxygen purity with the push of a button to benefit from additional cost savings.
OGP 6+ top


Technical specifications

Type   Oxygen FOD Dimensions (W x D x H) Weight
    90% 93% 95% mm in kg Lbs
OGP 3+ FOD Nm³/h 3.3 3 2.5 796 x 840 x 2015 31 x 33 x 79 318 701
  FOD Scfm 1.9 1.8 1.5        
OGP 6+ FOD Nm³/h 6.6 6 5.1 796 x 840 x 2015 31 x 33 x 79 400 882
  FOD Scfm 3.9 3.6 3        
OGP 9+ FOD Nm³/h 10 9.4 8.3 1421 x 840 x 2015 56 x 33 x 79 624 1376
  FOD Scfm 5.9 5.5 4.9        
OGP 12+ FOD Nm³/h 13.3 12.5 11.1 1421 x 840 x 2015 56 x 33 x 79 706 1556
  FOD Scfm 7.8 7.4 6.5        
OGP 15+ FOD Nm³/h 16.6 15.7 13.9 1421 x 840 x 2015 56 x 33 x 79 788 1737
  FOD Scfm 9.8 9.2 8.2        
OGP 18+ FOD Nm³/h 19.7 18.1 15.2 1421x 970 x 2015 56 x 38 x 79 970 2138
  FOD Scfm 11.6 10.7 8.9        
OGP 24+ FOD Nm³/h 26.3 24.1 20.3 1421 x 970 x 2015 56 x 38 x 79 1134 2500
  FOD Scfm 15.5 14.2 11.9        
OGP 30+ FOD Nm³/h 32.9 30.2 25.3 1421 x 970 x 2015 56 x 38 x 79 1298 2862
  FOD Scfm 19.3 17.8 14.9        


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