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Oil-Free Air Compressors

Our wide range of oil-free air compressors provide you and your business with the highest quality clean, oil-free air.

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Atlas Copco: The Oil-Free Air Compressors Pioneer.

We've Been Here from the Start. Atlas Copco has been at the forefront in pioneering and innovating the development of oil-free compressor technologies. Our oil-free compressors are certified ISO Class 0 - meaning that they are 100% oil-free! We were also the first compressor company to receive this certification. If you have an application that requires clean, oil-free air, you should think Atlas Copco.

What is an Oil-Free Compressor? Oil-free compressors are air compressors that operate without oil in the lubricating chamber, which eliminates the chance of contamination downstream - meaning that there isn't any chance that your end-product and application will be contaminated by oil. Rather than using oil, these compressors will utilize other types of technology such as water or Teflon-coated materials to lubricate the compression chamber.

No Compromise, Oil-Free Air for Every Application. We know that oil-free air is absolutely essential to a variety of industries, especially those that cannot risk their product or application being touched by oil. The food and beverage, medical, and pharmaceutical industries are just a few of these. We offer you the oil-free equipment perfectly suited to your unique requirements, all in a variety of technology types. Screw, centrifugal, scroll, piston...our oil-free compressor options are plentiful.

Don't Let Our Compressor Names Confuse You! It's Not Alphabet Soup. When taking a look through our product portfolio, you might wonder what our compressor names stand for. Here's a handy-dandy guide to what our compressor names actually mean:

  • ZR & ZT (VSD) Series. Class 0 certified range of oil-free rotary screw and tooth compressors. Integrated dryers, VSD, and energy recovery plug-and-play options are available. (Fun fact: our ZR VSD+ is Plant Engineering's Product of the Year!) 
  • ZH & ZH+ Series. Class 0 certified range of oil-free centrifugal air compressors. Available as a complete packaged solution.
  • ZH 350+ Series. Class 0 certified, three stage oil-free centrifugal compressor.
  • SF & SF+ Series. Class 0 certified scroll compressors with sound levels as low as 53 dB(A).
  • AQ Series. Class 0 certified, water-injected screw compressors supplied in a sound-insulating canopy. VSD options are available.
  • LF, LT, & LFx Series. Compact, 100% oil-free industrial piston compressors with easy to maintain components and maximum installation flexibility. Ideal for dental offices and medical applications.

Meet Compax, a Leading Manufacturer of Packaging Solutions

Learn how the switch to a ZR315 VSD FF led to energy savings of over $80k, plus improved air quality and a quieter installation, and reduce operating costs and maintenance needs for COMPAX, a leading packaging company near Salt Lake City, Utah.

With decades of experience and unwavering dedication to providing the highest quality systems in the market, Environmental Air Systems is a leading mechanical contractor in the Southeast. See how our ZR160 oil-free air compressors play a key role in their projects!

Explore Our Oil-Free Compressor Products!

Oil-Free Air and the Power to Choose

You spent years developing the perfect product and we’re pretty sure oil’s not part of the plan. Ever considered why you don’t have oil-free compressed air? Do you feel the investment is too high? The system is complex? Maintenance is expensive? Myths that are simply not true!

The ZR 75-160 VSD+ Range Uncovered

The Atlas Copco ZR75-160 VSD+ is a range of oil-free compressors that guarantees dry, quality air with a smaller footprint, integrated drum dryer, and -40F degree dewpoint.

High-Pressure and Gas Compressors

The ZR 90-160 VSD+ in Action at Nestlé Gerber

Going back five years, Nestlé Gerber had to run 5 air compressors to meet plant demand in their Fremont, MI facility. “With the changes that we made, and Atlas Copco coming on board and helping us out, we trimmed out three air compressors,” said Martin, Maintenance Team lead. “So far, we’re up to 45% more efficient"!

Introducing Our New ZR VSD+ Range - The Most Innovative 125-200HP Compressors of the Last Decade.

We know a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work. That’s why we’ve built our product portfolio around choices! Whether you’re focused on purchase price, total cost of ownership, or perhaps something in between, rest assured that we offer the widest choice, and most options, to ensure that you partner with the best product for your business.

Oil-Free Air Compressors in Action

Companies using our oil-free air compressors run the gamut. From smaller craft breweries to international gas suppliers, Atlas Copco is represented globally, in every industry. Check out a few of our video testimonials below from oil-free customers!

Oil-Free Air for Local NC Brewery