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preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Plan for optimal compressor uptime

A Preventive Maintenance Plan offers on-time servicing tailored to your installation and site circumstances. This way, the maintenance schedule always fits your needs, and gives you more uptime, better energy efficiency and increased reliability for a fixed periodic fee.

Key technical specifications

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Air compressor maintenance when you need it

On-time service tailored to your compressor installation

With a Preventive Maintenance Plan we take care of your compressor installation for an all-inclusive price. It offers on-time servicing by factory-trained Atlas Copco technicians, combined with the unrivalled quality of our genuine parts.


If our technicians spot a developing problem that could ultimately affect your production, they will propose a course of action on top of the maintenance to avoid consequential damages. And if an urgent repair is needed, you get priority assistance. 

Preventive maintenance service contract



Get connected

In SMARTLINK, you can find the basic information about your installation and our regular service. These reports keep you up to date about the status of your system.

What is included

With Preventive Maintenance you get

Competent technicians
Our well-trained and experienced technicians know your machine inside and out. They can spot potential problems early to prevent breakdowns.

Sustained performance

By having all service performed professionally at the right time, you get maximized machine availability and optimal energy costs.
Genuine parts
The parts we supply are 100% designed for your equipment, keeping your compressed air system intact.
Less administration
Maintenance administration is reduced to an absolute minimum and service is planned well in advance.
Remote monitoring
Thanks to SMARTLINK Energy, you can follow up on the energy efficiency of your compressor room, with easy access to reports and recommendations. 


Why Preventive Maintenance

Why choose for a Preventive Maintenance Service Plan

On time service

Our experienced engineers and genuine air compressor parts provide on-time servicing of your installation.

As a Service Plan customer, all your relevant compressor data are known to Atlas Copco. Advanced diagnostic services enable us to spot any deviations in the performance of your compressors. This way, our service experts can propose a course of action to prevent any consequential damages. 

Maximizing service uptime

Preventive Maintenance combines expert monitoring and genuine parts. By having all service performed professionally at the right time, you get maximized machine availability.

Through a quick and efficient workflow you get an overview of all past and future service interventions, making it easy to fit them into your production schedule. You can also order services that are not included in this service plan, like an element overhaul.

Lower energy costs

Timely service and updates prevent that the wear of consumables may increase the energy consumption of your compressors. Within a Preventive Maintenance Plan, Atlas Copco service engineers know exactly when to replace parts and what checks to perform to reduce your energy cost.

Preventive compressor service

What is the risk of not having Preventive Maintenance?

If you handle maintenance yourself, the risk of suddenly increasing costs could jeopardize your budget. 

Within a Preventive Maintenance Plan, all normal maintenance is included and preformed by our experienced engineers who have an in-depth knowledge of our compressors and can spot even the smallest technical problems that might remain undetected by an in-house technician.

All needed genuine air compressor parts, especially designed for your equipment, are ordered for you.

Additional Services

Additional options

Diagnostic Services
Enables us to spot and fix any deviations at an early stage. Proactive troubleshooting, based on smart algorithms and our expert analysis, keeps your energy efficiency at its top level.
Analyze and optimize the energy efficiency of your compressor room, with reports and recommendations, performance indicators, benchmarks and trends. A must for ISO50001 compliance.
Optimization contract
Our Industry 4.0-ready solution to optimize your energy consumption, achieve maximum availability and have an energy consultant always at your disposal. It includes the cost-saving Optimizer 4.0 compressor room controller.

Upgrade your service contract for even more benefits


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